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The many expressions of Mirka Federer as she watch her husband play in the finals with her face to her hands and her engagement ring on her finger. Photo Getty

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Mirka Federer’s Engagement Ring Is Huge

Almost as big as her husband Roger’s game

by Marion Fasel

July 14, 2019—During the epic five-hour long match of the 2019 Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon the camera often turned to the tense facial expressions of Roger Federer’s wife Mirka and she lit up the internet. During these close ups, I know I am not alone when I say I was blinded by her engagement ring. The diamond is huge and the setting is grand. I don’t recall ever noticing it before and a deep dive on the old internet revealed it is, in fact, a relatively new jewel.

The couple who met while they were both playing for the Swiss team at the 2000 Summer Olympics were married on April 11, 2009 in Federer’s hometown Basel, Switzerland. At the time she received a substantial emerald-cut diamond engagement ring on a bold rounded pavé-set diamond band. It has never been publicly revealed who made the ring, but there are plenty of jewelers in Switzerland where Federer could have found it. Of course, he could have gone farther afield, but I bet it’s a Swiss design. As for the size of the center stone, I guess it is more than 10-carats.

At the 2014 Wimbledon Championships, Mirka Federer watch her husband play while wearing her original emerald-cut diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band. Photo Getty

At the 2014 Wimbledon Championships, Mirka Federer watching her husband Roger play while wearing her original emerald-cut diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band. Photo Getty

Well, around 2017 Mrs. Federer got an upgrade on her amazing ring. The new jewel features a much larger center stone. It could be around 20-carats. The giant gem is set in a swirl of pavé-set diamonds that continue to curve around her finger. She has given up her wedding band probably because it doesn’t fit under the curvaceous line of the engagement ring.

Harper’s Bazaar said the new ring might have been made by H. Stern. It certainly could be H. Stern, but it feels more couture than most of their work. It could be from the same designer who made the original jewel. It has all the same hallmarks, but more design with a capital D. The silhouette reminds me of Gwyneth Paltow’s ginormous engagement ring. I doubt, however, that Mirka’s jewel is by JAR like the movie star’s. It has a weightier outline than JAR’s thread designs.

Mirka Federer wearing her engagement ring on Centre Court during the Men’s Finals of the 2019 Wimbledon championship. Photo Getty

Whoever made the jewel, it was admittedly amazing to see it on Mirka. While Roger Federer narrowly lost the title to Novak Djokovic, she definitely won the prize for the biggest and boldest jewel worn by a celebrity at Wimbledon. And I love that she had it breezily on with a jean jacket.

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