The Adventurine Posts Solitaires for Single Ladies

Pilar wearing 10/10 rings from Aurora Lopez Mejia and Almasika with a Tara Hirshberg necklace, Michelle Fantaci bracelet as well as a Silvia Furmanovich clutch from Muse. Photo Sofa Alvarez

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Solitaires for Single Ladies

Unwed Women are buying the 10/10 Engagement Ring Collection

by Marion Fasel

May 3, 2021—Rules about how, when and why to wear certain types of jewels have been being broken and tossed out for years. Diamonds for day became a norm ages ago. More recently, multiple ear piercings accented with mismatched earrings have gone from an edgy statement to a red-carpet staple.

Men have stepped in and resuscitated the gem-set ladies who lunch brooch from days of yore, transforming it into a stylish accessory for suit jacket lapels. They have also revived the mid-century classic 16-inch pearl necklace, tossing it on with everything from turtlenecks to t-shirts.

Engagement rings, one of the most traditional jewelry categories, has been experiencing something of a design renaissance as well. Women are choosing individual statements pieces over classic looks that have been the main mode for eons.  You don’t have to look much further than the pearl and diamond engagement ring sported by Ariana Grande or the egg shaped brown diamond on a ceramic band worn by Scarlett Johansson to see what I mean.

Pilar wearing 10/10 rings from WWake, Almasika and Aurora Lopez Mejia with a Tara Hirshberg necklace, Buddha Mama and Michelle Fantaci bracelets from Muse. Photo Sofa Alvarez

The Ten/Ten engagement ring collection was created in response to this demand for creativity. Ten of the coolest designers working today reimagined what an engagement ring could look like. Each ring centers on a solitaire weighing just under one-carat. And the prices hover around $3,000 to $4,000 They were made available on Blue Nile.

When the collection debuted in January, the press went wild for it. Brides loved it too.

So, did some self-possessed single ladies who were ready to break the rules about these engagement rings, self-purchase them and wear them in style.

Pilar wearing a pearl and diamond ring from W.Rosado with 10/10 rings from WWake, Almasika and Aurora Lopez Mejia and bracelet from buddha mama and Michelle Fantaci. Photo Sofa Alvarez

And they were obviously quite right. Why wait around for a partner to get you what you want?

In the spirit of looking at these engagement rings differently, Ten/Ten asked me how I would style them. I headed over to my favorite local jewelry shop in Greenwich Village, the Muse Popup, and piled the pieces on the stunning model Pilar G Solchaga for these photos taken by Sofa Alvarez.

You know one thing I hesitated to do in this shoot about single ladies? Put one of these engagement rings on the third finger of the left hand. That finger still means married. It is quite possibly the last rule left in the jewelry etiquette book, but I expect it will be broken by more women in the future. Single ladies need the real estate to pile on all their favorite pieces!

Pilar holding Hunter and wearing 10/10 rings by Lola Fenhirst, Bea Bongiasca and Michelle Fantaci. Photo Sofa Alvarez

*This post was produced in collaboration with Ten/Ten.

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