The Adventurine Posts The Platinum Bridal Jewelry You’ll Wear Forever

The Edwardian platinum and diamond tiara Madonna wore when she married Guy Ritchie from the Beladora archival collection Photo Beladora

Wedding Jewelry

The Platinum Bridal Jewelry You’ll Wear Forever

Extravagant and everyday options

by Marion Fasel

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, there are many wonderful occasions that are perfect for a jewelry gift, but none are quite as meaningful as a wedding. The jewel immediately becomes part of a couple’s love story and will bring back memories of the big day whenever a bride wears it. The British Royal Family has long participated in the custom of giving a bride jewelry. Meghan Markle received several pieces before she married Prince Harry.

Platinum and diamond jewelry makes an ideal wedding gift. The metal and gem combination not only match a bride’s white dress to perfection, it also communicates an everlasting message of a very special piece of jewelry. Just remember, when you are considering what to buy, keep the bride’s style in mind.

Clearly, a tiara is extravagant option to gift a bride. Madonna wore the Edwardian platinum and diamond tiara above when she married Guy Ritchie on December 22, 2001. It was made around 1910 by Asprey & Garrard of London and is now in the archival collection at Beladora in Los Angeles. See alternatives a bride can wear every day after her wedding or on special occasions in the story I created in partnership with our friends at

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