The Adventurine Posts Jewelry Predictions for the 2017 Emmys

Reese Witherspoon at the 2017 Oscars Photo Getty


Jewelry Predictions for the 2017 Emmys

There is one sure thing

by Marion Fasel

The Emmys are on Sunday and I predict there will be epic glamour. I know what you are thinking. The event is always pretty glam, right? Well, I am predicting there will be more glamour, because the nominee list includes Oscar winners. Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis and Reese Witherspoon are all attending and they know how to turn up the shine.

What jewelry designers will they be wearing? That question is difficult to answer for the Emmys. Unlike the movie award season, there is no run up to the red carpet with international premieres, parties and so on that help me predict. One thing, however, is certain—there will be platinum jewelry. How do I know? Because the King of Metals is always on the best red carpets.

In an effort to give you a good glimpse at the general categories of trends that will indeed appear on the red carpet Sunday night, I’ve collaborated with to make a one-minute video and break down the themes. Check it out here.