The Adventurine Posts Carrie’s Rings in ‘And Just Like That…’

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing her Fry Powers pearl ring and Cartier platinum wedding band among other jewels in ‘And Just Like That…’ Photo Alamy

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Carrie’s Rings in ‘And Just Like That…’

The pearl ring, the gift from her neighbor and the wedding bands

by Marion Fasel

February 11, 2021—Sex and the City fans have had strong opinions about And Just Like That… but most people agreed the last episode finally felt more like the series we all loved so much. We want to know what happens with the podcast guy! In other words, the show is ripe for another season.

Plus, it gives the AJLT creators a chance to right some of the wrongs people had a fit over. And if the wrongs linger on, people seem to love hate-watching the show anyway. Few have garnered the same amount of ink as And Just Like That… on so many subjects and in outlets ranging from The Atlantic and The New York Times (by my count 18 stories) to, oh you name it, Pop Sugar (too many stories to count).

I know people adore the jewelry details on what Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wears. The same audience still looks back for jewelry credits on the original series. They are obsessed with the many necklaces Carrie wore throughout And Just Like That…

There were also a few rings on SJP’s fingers that caught my attention or worked into the storyline. Get the details below and keep your fingers crossed we get another season.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of ‘And Just Like That’ wearing a Fry Powers pearl ring and necklace as well Mikimoto pearls and other jewels. Photo via

Fry Powers Violet Enamel Baroque Pearl Ring in Sterling Silver

Carrie wears her Baroque pearl ring in several episodes. The eye-catching jewel comes from Fry Powers.

The style of Fry Powers Baroque Pearl Ring Sarah Jessica Parker wears ‘In Just Like That…’ Photo courtesy

The band is composed of silver and decorated in violet enamel. Several other colors are available on the designer’s website. It costs $355.

Carrie Bradshaw’s jewelry designer neighbor, Lisette (Katerina Tannenbaum) who gives her a ring. Photo via

The Ring From The Jewelry Designer Neighbor

After lots of bad neighbor behavior, Lisette (Katerina Tannenbaum) knocks on Carrie’s door and says, “I’m sorry for the home invasion but just real quick, I’m a jewelry designer and I wanted to give you this” Carrie says she thinks the ring is pretty and, “I love a home invasion with what I’m assuming is free jewelry.”

Well, it wasn’t exactly free, Lisette was hoping for a little social media attention from Carrie for the ring. And she obliged.

A model wearing the Clustered Floret ring by Pacharee Carrie receives from her neighbor in ‘And Just Like That…’ Photo courtesy

In real life, the Clustered Floret gold-plated ring with freshwater pearls was created by Pacharee. It costs $444.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) looking at Big’s Cartier wedding band. Photo via

Carrie and Big’s 1895 Cartier Wedding Bands

The first few episodes of AJLT were rough for Carrie after losing Big (Chris Noth). She didn’t want to take off her wedding band and put on Big’s ring at certain moments as well.

The matching jewels received several extreme closeups. Clearly with the detail shots in mind costume designer’s chose well-made classics that could stand up to that kind of scrutiny by the camera.

The style of Cartier platinum wedding bands worn by Carrie and Big in ‘And Just Like That…’ Photo courtesy

The platinum rings are from Cartier’s 1895 collection of wedding bands. Big’s 5mm ring costs $2,430. And Carrie’s 3.5 mm ring costs $1,700.

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