The Adventurine Posts Some of First Lady Jill Biden’s Favorite Jewels

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wearing several of her favorite jewels in a portrait posted on the White House website. Photo Cheriss May

The West Wing

Some of First Lady Jill Biden’s Favorite Jewels

In a photo on the White House website, Dr. Biden wears several signature pieces

by Marion Fasel

February 1, 2021—Over the weekend the White House website updated a page on First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s accomplishments and background with a new photo. At first the image was believed to be her official portrait. In fact, some journalists were reporting as much. But the East Wing, where her staff is located, clarified that the image was taken pre-Inauguration and the First Lady’s official portrait will be unveiled later.

While we wait for the formal photo it is fun to look at this one for the jewelry. It continues to prove that Dr. Biden is a jewelry lover. And she likes contemporary emerging designers as much as the classics. Yellow gold and pearls are two constant themes in her collection.

Let’s review.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wearing several of her favorite jewels in a portrait posted on the White House website. Photo Cheriss May

The First Lady is wearing the same pearl earrings she had on for the Covid-Memorial on January 19. They are pearl Safety-Pin earrings by Mizuki. The earrings are one of the most popular designs in the California-based designer’s collection. They retail for $580.

The style of Mizuki pearl Safety Pin earrings worn by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Photo courtesy

Around her neck, Dr. Biden has on a gold chain necklace. The pendant section is hidden under her blouse, but it is most likely her “Mama” gold and diamond necklace that she wore to the Inauguration and a visit to the Whitman-Walker Hospital in Washington, D.C. the following day.

Biden is a fan of diamond pendants. She used to wear a horseshoe pendant when she was the Second Lady during the Obama-Biden administration. I feel like this is a relatively recent acquisition as it doesn’t appear in photos that date back even a year or two. The exact designer has not been confirmed but EF Collection has a piece that is very similar in style.

An EF Collection Mama Necklace similar in style to the one in Jill Biden’s jewelry collection. Photo courtesy

On the lapel of her jacket, the First Lady is wearing a pearl bar pin. A look back at images of Dr. Biden shows she has worn it previously, but not often. I found one image of her using the pin as a closure for a cardigan at a National Governors Association Meeting at the White House in 2013.

Dr. Biden seems to have a few gold bangles in her collection of various widths. They could be vintage. She has definitely had them for many years. The one she is wearing in this image is her narrower bangle. For the photo, she paired the bangle with a diamond tennis bracelet that at first glance looks like a classic jewel. A closer review shows their looks like a little tail on the design and I hope we get a closer look at the piece at some point.

The Panthère de Cartier watch style worn by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Photo courtesy of Cartier

On her left wrist you can see a glimpse of the First Lady’s medium model Panthère de Cartier 18K gold watch. Based on photo research, it seems the First Lady received the watch in the last year or two. My thought on the date comes from the fact that she wore other timepieces in the past and this is the only watch she has worn in the last several months while she has been in the public eye during the election.

Considering she gave President Biden his Rolex Datejust as a Christmas gift, I would say the odds are it was a gift from Joe. The Biden’s are clearly a family that enjoys gifting each other with meaningful accessories.

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