The Adventurine Posts Who Made Dr. Jill Biden’s Mama Necklace?

First lady Jill Biden wore her "Mama" necklace among other jewels during a tour of Whitman-Walker Health hospital on January 22, 2021 in Washington, DC. Photo Getty

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Who Made Dr. Jill Biden’s Mama Necklace?

We did an investigation into the Mama merch on the market

by Marion Fasel

January 23, 2021—Yesterday when I was putting together a story on the earrings Dr. Jill Biden wore to the Inaugural events, I noticed under the sheer segment of the Markarian dress she wore at the swearing in ceremony there was a “Mama” necklace. Honestly, I gasped. It felt like such an unexpected and personal jewel to see at such a formal event. Granted it was almost totally obscured, but she did wear it.

The jewel is obviously meaningful for the first lady. She had it on again the next day when she went on a tour of the Whitman-Walker Hospital in Washington, D.C. where you could see the “Mama” jewel more clearly at the neckline of her white wool dress. She paired the piece with long ropes of costume pearls, a pair of floral earrings set with crystals and a white mask embroidered with flowers.

I think it’s safe to say the necklace was a gift from one of her children. The question is who made it?

First lady Jill Biden wore her “Mama” necklace among other jewels during a tour of Whitman-Walker Health hospital on January 22, 2021 in Washington, DC. Photo Getty

I sent an inquiry out on Instagram and got back a handful of replies. Some thought perhaps Jennifer Meyer who has an entire series for moms, but this one isn’t hers. One person hypothesized it might have come from Stephanie Gottlieb. Yet I didn’t see anything like it on her website.

Several people felt it looked like the “Mama” necklace from Kelly Seymour of Cult of Youth.  I reached out to the English designer who is based in London to speak with her about it.

Mama necklace by Cult of Youth. Photo courtesy

Kelly launched her signature “Mama” necklace in 2015 when she was pregnant with her son Elvis and in the midst of trying to put together her brand. She said she had no knowledge of the purchase of the jewel by any member of the Biden family.

Another issue could be the gems or crystals on Jill Biden’s jewel. Kelly has never used gems in her “Mama” pieces.

While it doesn’t appear to be the same piece, the Cult of Youth design offers the look for less so to speak. The 24K gold plated letters on a gold-filled chain retails for around $100. She also makes a rendition in silver for around the same price.

The EF Collection diamond and gold Mama necklace that appears to be the style worn by Dr. Jill Biden. Photo courtesy

An idea that was sent to me directly is the “Mama” design from EF Collection by Emily Faith Goldstein. The block letters look the same. And the piece is set with diamonds.

The jewel is available on the EF Collection website for $825.

Launched in 2010, Emily describes her EF Collection—that has been worn by an array of celebrities including Emily Blunt, Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift—as designs intended to be worn every day. Dr. Biden appears to have taken this advice to heart. She wears her Mama jewel routinely.

While I am not absolutely certain Dr. Biden’s jewel is from EF Collection, it sure looks like it is. Once we can confirm, this post will be updated.

Jill Biden wearing her “Mama” necklace and earrings by Monique Péan at the Inauguration on January 20, 2021. Photo Getty

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