The Adventurine Posts Ana Khouri: Ears, Nose and Chairs

Ana Khouri Pearl Mirian Earrings and Diamond Simplicity Earring Photo courtesy

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Ana Khouri: Ears, Nose and Chairs

by Marion Fasel

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are putting together a series of Gift Guides from designer friends of The Adventurine. We are asking each of them to tell us a few of the most popular gifts in their collections and give us a couple of their favorite gift ideas that are not in their lines.

When Ana Khouri designs jewelry she is not at all limited by the way it has been traditionally worn on the neck, wrist, hands or ears.  She takes the entire body into consideration when she creates.  Her pieces flow around body parts and her ingenuity always blows me away.  The last time I talked with Ana over the summer, during The Adventurine’s celebration of Brazilian jewelry talent during the Games in Rio, she had just introduced her Simplicity collection which was the smartest body con jewelry I have ever seen.  Her bejeweled gift ideas are equally clever.  She has also shared a candle idea to thrill the senses and chairs that are more than a place to sit down.


Ana Khouri Diamond Claire Earrings Photo courtesy

The Diamond Claire Earring: Sculptural earrings are very powerful, especially the Claire that fits anatomically to the body’s form and plays between the dichotomy of strong and soft.   


Ana Khouri Dora Earrings Photo courtesy

Dora Earring: My background in sculpture lead me to designing jewelry, I think that is evident in my work, like the Dora Earrings.


Ana Khouri Diamond Golconda Earrings Photo courtesy

Diamond Golconda Earring: Lines and curves come alive as they connect to the body, enhancing it. These earrings do just that and the diamonds capture the light so perfectly, they almost seem luminous.


Bully Candle Photo courtesy

Buly Scented Candle: Love the products from Buly, a company that’s over 200 years old. These candles in particular are made of only natural ingredients, yet offer a fragrance that’s unbeatable. 


Pierre Jeanneret Armchair Photo 1st Dibs

Chair: I’m fascinated by furniture design, especially mid-century. I like Pierre Jeanneret’s designs in particular due to his sensitivity to the materials he uses, as well as his emphasis on the seamless blend of architecture and beauty.

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