The Adventurine Posts At Christie’s: Jewelry Love Is In The Air

A selection of jewels being sold in the Christie's online auction. Photo Christie's

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At Christie’s: Jewelry Love Is In The Air

And by the "air" we mean the online auction going on now

by Marion Fasel

A Prince Charming frog brooch, flower earrings by JAR or a gold quiver full of cupid’s arrows made by Cartier, there are few destinations where you will find as playful of a Valentine’s themed jewelry selection than the online auction at Christie’s.

The sale of over 300 lots has prices that start considerably lower than the pieces sold in the auction rooms during the season. There will be no sticker shock in the online arena, like say the Pink Legacy that Harry Winston picked up for a cool $50-million in the Christie’s auction room in Geneva last November. Nothing like that is in Christie’s cyberspace.

Cartier Quiver and Arrow brooch and ruby and diamond ring featured in Christie's online jewelry auction. Photo Christie's

Cartier Quiver and Arrow brooch and ruby and diamond ring featured in Christie’s online jewelry auction. Photo Christie’s

There is, however, plenty of jewelry from names you know like Cartier, Tiffany and Bulgari in the online sale. Oodles of pieces come with easy to love estimates of $1,500 to $2,000. A couple of brooches designed by Antonio Piñeda during the Mexican Silver Renaissance have estimates of $600 to $800. The silver jewels are the first installment of The Private Collection of Stuart and Cindy Tietze-Hodosh, one of the largest and well-known collections of Mexican jewelry to be sold at the auction house.

If you are wondering who buys jewelry online, Caroline Ervin, Associate Specialist, eCommerce Jewels at Christie’s, says the online shopping “has become increasingly popular among emerging and established clients alike.” Pieces can be viewed in an exhibition at Christie’s this week if you are old school and want to touch and feel before you buy.

JAR Aluminum 'Violet' Earrings featured in Christie's online auction. Photo courtesy

JAR Aluminum ‘Violet’ Earrings featured in Christie’s online auction. Photo courtesy

The bidding begins on February 6, 2019 and ends well on Valentine’s Day. So, it does kind of make your gift giving a gamble, but isn’t love a game? Well, yes, but you might want to pick up some chocolates or flowers just in case things don’t go your way at the auction on the big day.

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