The Adventurine Posts Judy Geib: Wise, Sweet, Wild and Silly

Wise, Sweet, Wild and Silly Necklace by Judy Geib of Rubies, Opals and Gold Photo by Dirk Vandenberk

Gift Guide

Judy Geib: Wise, Sweet, Wild and Silly

by Marion Fasel

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are putting together a series of Gift Guides from designer friends of The Adventurine. We are asking each of them to tell us a few of the most popular gifts in their collections and give us a couple of their favorite gift ideas that are not in their lines. 

J and G ruby and gold initial earrings by Judy Geib Photo by Dirk Vandenberk

J and G ruby and gold initial earrings by Judy Geib Photo by Dirk Vandenberk

When The Adventurine launched on May 31, 2016, one of the first designers featured was the brilliant Judy Geib.  She told contributor Hilary Gurley all about the wild adventures she goes on for her gems.  A necklace from the super talented designer appeared on the cover of one of the best jewelry books of this holiday season, Master, Mavericks and Visonaires of Modern Design by Stellene Volandes.  With just those two credits, you can imagine her gift guide is unique, right?  Well, you would be correct.  

Wise, Sweet, Wild and Silly are what the letters in the necklace above spell out.  The piece started from Judy’s vision of using words in jewelry.  Ever surprising the designer confesses her initial source of inspiration for the forms was the glyph Prince used when he was “The Artist Otherwise Known As Prince.”   She referenced a Book of Kells as she worked out the design for each uniquely sculpted letter.   The necklace and personalized initials like the J and G earrings seen here can be ordered at Barneys Madison Avenue flagship or call 212-826- 8900.


Double Drop Herkimer Diamond Earrings by Judy Geib Photo Barneys


Double Drop Ruby and Gold Earrings by Judy Geib Photo Barneys

If you are looking for something less extravagant, one of the beauties of Judy’s collection is it goes up and down the price scale.  One of her most affordable designs is the Herkimer diamond double drop earrings.  Of course, Herkimer ‘diamonds’ are not diamonds at all.  They are quartz from Herkimer, New York.  Judy says, “These go with everything, they are handmade with unique Herkimer diamonds, every one a different shape, and they are luxurious and understated at the same time.”

Judy also recommends her 24K Gold and ruby earrings.  “The squash earrings are so elegant, but have a big impact,” she says.  “They are serious, but not too serious.”


Erewhon Necklace by Judy Geib

Another piece on her list is the short gold flowery Erewhon necklace.  “It is one of my first designs, and still one of my favorites to make: randomly pretty and silly and free-flowing 18k gold flowers, on a 17″ chain. Each is unique, and simply a pleasure to wear.”

For gifts outside of her own collection, Judy’s ideas are equally as imaginative.


Comme des Garçons Long Zip-Around Wallet Photo Barneys

I love this Comme des Garçons Long Zip-Around Wallet.  I have one in fluorescent yellow, and, not only is it a breeze to locate in an enormous, stuffed handbag, but for evening I can carry it by itself—my phone, lipstick and keys all fit in there, and it works wonders at hailing taxis.

I love to receive special treats to use for my simple cooking.  What does not taste better with a lovely balsamic vinegar?  The organic Apple Balsmic by ReModena they carry at Barneys is one of my favorites.