The Adventurine Posts Philip Crangi: Books, Jewels and Flatware

Designer Philip Crangi wearing one of his signet rings and arranging his Giles High collection Photo by Sally Davies

Gift Guide

Philip Crangi: Books, Jewels and Flatware

by Marion Fasel

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are putting together a series of Gift Guides from designer friends of The Adventurine. We are asking each of them to tell us a few of the most popular gifts in their collections and give us a couple of their favorite gift ideas that are not in their lines.

Roger Caillois’s La Lectures des Pierres.

Roger Caillois’s La Lectures des Pierres.

Designer Philip Crangi divides his time between New York City and Paris with his boyfriend Darren Spaziani, the esteemed accessories guru for Louis Vuitton.  Lately, Philip has been busy showing his new Giles High collection in both locations.  It makes a perfect gift and can be seen in person at Flair in New York through December 2, 2016.  Many of Philip’s other gift recommendations reflect his life as a designer and an American enjoying the artistic offerings in Paris.  He explains his perspective and gift ideas.

When it comes to gifts I think we all can agree that more is more.  When I’m buying gifts for my nearest and dearest I’m definitely a spoiler.  I take a holistic approach buying and making things that reflect all aspects of that special someone’s life.

I think a beautiful book is one of the most personal gifts to give and receive.  This year I discovered a new edition of French thinker and mineral collector Roger Caillois’s La Lectures des Pierres.  It’s full of gorgeous prints of his stone collection and makes a great gift for anyone with an eye for the beautiful and the profound not just the gem enthusiasts on your list.


Giles & Brother Wishbone Object

I have long been obsessed with picture stones or paesines forever.  These magical and confounding minerals seem to depict surreal land or seascapes or a million other fantasy worlds depending on the beholder.  In Paris on rue Jacob, Claude Boullé collects and mounts, in handmade frames, a beautifully curated collection of paesines at his gallery called Pierres de Reves.  They are a truly special gift.


Puiforcat Cannes Flatware

Last year we started blowing up our Giles & Brother icons like the wishbone and rail road spike, turning them from jewelry into objects for the desk or table.  I think they make great gifts.  They are all brass and made in the USA.  They can be customized right here in our New York studio free of charge.

My partner Darren and I have always wanted a fabulous set of sterling silver flatware from Puiforcat.  Who wouldn’t?  A couple years ago I started buying that set for us one piece at a time.  In addition to building something for our future I’m never without a fabulous gift for birthdays anniversaries or Christmas.  We collect Cannes in case anyone is feeling generous.


Philip Crangi signet ring

In the end there’s nothing like the gift of jewelry.  Custom made jewelry is the best of the best.  I think giving that most special person on your list a custom made signet ring is the ultimate “I love you” gift.   Our collection includes things like an initial ring in steel inlaid with 18K gold or an antique hard stone.  If this is what you are looking for I’m the man to make it for you.  To order contact or call 212-643-0517