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Shop Classic Jewels for A Great Cause

Lauren Addison has teamed up with Bottomless Closet

by Caroline Dweck

What started as a small passion project for designer Lauren Addison turned into a full-on jewelry collection for a great cause. Addison has pledged 100% of the proceeds of her Single Link jewels to Bottomless Closet, a New York City based charity. The Single Link jewels come in gold, silver and diamond pavé and a range prices from $135 to $2,435.  The name of the collection, Single Link, not only reflects the look of the design it’s also a symbol of the charity’s mission to be the single link in connecting disadvantaged women to achieve success in the workforce.

Bottomless Closet has helped more than 35,000 low-income women in the workforce since it began in 1999. Its services include providing business attire, assistance with resume prep and training for a successful interview, as well as other workshops. Everything is free of charge.

A long-time volunteer, Addison got to see Bottomless Closet’s work firsthand and wanted to donate more than just her time. And soon enough, one pendant quickly transformed into a collection. “As a female entrepreneur, it is incredibly important to me to help other women achieve success in the workplace. Being able to do that through designing jewelry makes it all the more satisfying, ” Addison said.

While 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Bottomless Closet until December 2019 , the collection will remain available in the future with a portion of sales to be donated to the charity annually.

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