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An array of stud earrings by Brent Neale Photo Brent Neale

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Tiny Studs That Make Big Style Statements

These earrings are the perfect thing to gift or get for yourself

by Marion Fasel

I am going to tell you a secret. When I pitched a story while I was still at InStyle magazine in 2014 about how designers were selling single studs, because women wanted to buy the jewels one at a time for their extra piercings, my editor thought it was too edgy for the publication. Only after I pointed out how so many women in the office were getting additional piercing and that those holes were not going away, did he relent and let me do it.

Four years later, the trend is still going strong because women are still getting pierced. It’s not unusual today for someone to have has many as 6 or 8 holes in their ears. And I am not just talking about hipsters. Uptown girls love it too.

The biggest change over time has been the variety and range of stylish studs available. Check your favorite designer’s collection for mini versions of their iconic motifs. I am sure you will find them. Following is a small sampling of a few of the styles I am loving right now. Give them as gifts or collect them yourself.

An array of studs by Brent Neale

Photo @brentnealejewelry via Instagram

Brent Neale has a wide array of cheerful studs in her collection that feature everything from hummingbirds, unicorns and bees to rainbows, hearts, flowers and a cannabis leaf. Her jewels are available at Barneys and Twist online.

Arman Sarkisyan earrings on Moda Operandi

Photo Arman Sarkisyan studs from Moda Operandi

Arman Sarkisyan makes studs that look like treasures from the past. He surrounds single stones, such as pink sapphire or opals, with starburst style settings. His bird studs are real beauties.  A divine selection of the designer’s work can be found at Moda Operandi.

Photo Anita Ko studs from Moda Operandi

Photo Anita Ko studs from Moda Operandi

Anita Ko has plenty of super trendy earrings in her collection, but there are also a wide range of studs that are made in a classic mode. They are easy to put on and wear all-the-time styles including stars, pyramids and flowers. This trio of earrings is available on Moda Operandi.

Doryn Wallach studs

Photo Doryn Wallach

The Art Deco spirit throughout Doryn Wallach‘s collection is also present in her stud earrings. After getting a new piercing, the delightful designer describes as little bit of mid-life rebellion, she started making a variety of chic styles. All the various looks are available on the designer’s ecommerce website.

Gold and diamond stud earrings by Jennifer Meyer

Photo @jennifermeyerjewelry via Instagram

When I wrote that story for InStyle way back in 2014, Jennifer Meyer was in it. The designer has continued to expand the stud part of her collection. The range in styles is stunning and the prices start at $225.

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