The Adventurine Posts Why You Should Invest in Platinum Classics

Iman-Oubou, founder and CEO of SWAAY Media, wearing diamond and platinum jewels by Kwiat Photo courtesy

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Why You Should Invest in Platinum Classics

These jewels will make your wardrobe shine

by Marion Fasel

A little black dress, the perfect white shirt, a great trench coat, every woman understands the importance of a few classic pieces in her closet. They are essentials that make it is easy to put together a polished outfit in an instant. Well, the same is true for key pieces of platinum jewelry. In fact, platinum classics are, in many ways, more practical than your most treasured go-to apparel.

A well-chosen platinum jewel becomes a style signature that can be worn more often than any item of clothing. It elevates everyday looks and adds shine to evening outfits. Oh, and it will last far longer than even the most well-made little black dress. The quality of platinum, the King of Metals, elevates a jewel to heirloom status. In other words, the platinum jewel you buy today is something to pass down from one generation to the next.

So how do you build your platinum jewelry wardrobe? There are a few styles to consider that have withstood the test of time and whim of trends. See an amazing array of jewels in the story I created in partnership with our friends at 

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