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Tiaras by Amber Sakai Photo by Sally Davies

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Amber Sakai Reinvents the Tiara

Playful as can be, these toppers are meant to be worn with joie de vivre

by Marion Fasel

400 x 400

Jewelry designer Elie Top, Amber Sakai and Caligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir at the Bijoux de Tête party at Caviar Kaspia in Paris Photo Virgil Guinard

Of all the festive ways there are to wear accessories today, few are as fun as hair jewelry.  Rings woven through braided hair is one of the mane—pun intended—styles that caught on fire last year.  Now Amber Sakai has delivered a look that requires a lot less, well, effort.  The designer’s delightful tiaras can be worn as easily as a headband.

While the silhouette has roots in royal jewelry history, the array of tiaras in the high spirited collection are absolutely au courant.  The globe-trotting, Los Angeles based fashion designer, says travel inspired her to add the headgear to her chic clothing line. “Girls all around the world are looking for ways to add individuality to their look,” says Amber. “The Bijoux de Tête is a fun way to do that.”

The wink and a smile personality of the native Californian, who is a former model, stylist and surfer, is all over the designs.  Spunky motifs in the series include sexy lips, a striking lightning bolt and an evil eye.  Some are studded with semiprecious stones in 16K gold plaited metal.  Suggestive words and playful phrases highlight other pieces in the collection.  Rosé, Taken, BrideY’all are emblazoned across the top of gold micron plaited jewels.  Several come in Arabic, a language Amber has studied a bit.  The French phrases, C’est MoiOui, Oui, Peut Être reflect all the time the designer spends in Paris.  In fact, the City of Lights is where Amber chose to launch the collection last year when it was just the words and phrases.  The pictures of the party at Caviar Kaspia show just how the headgear infused joy to the celebration.

670 x 350

Fashion consultant Anne-Sophie Mignaux in Amber Sakai’s Oui Oui tiara Photo Virgil Guinar

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