Designer Noor Fares and jewels from her new Akasha Collection

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The Akasha collection by Noor Fares at the designer's launch party at the Lamb Gallery in London

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Noor Fares gold Navratna Tribal earrings set with various gems and gold Spiral Tribal earrings

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Performers at Noor Fares' Akasha collection launch party at the Lamb Gallery in London

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Noor Fares carved crystal and mother-of-pearl Seed of Life ring and Sri Yantra carved crystal and black mother-of-pearl pendant

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Performer at Noor Fares' Akasha collection launch party at the Lamb Gallery in London

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Noor Fares' ruby and pearl Moon Mala drop earrings and carnelian and diamond Planet Spiral ring

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Noor Fares' peridot and diamond Shakti ring and carnelian and amethyst Shakti earrings

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The scene outside the Lamb Gallery in London at Noor Fares' Akasha collection launch party

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Ancient Symbols Inspire Noor Fares

Get the spiritual backstory and see photos from the cool London launch party

by Emily Selter

Music, dancers and a video installation, all set the mood for the artistic party for Noor Fares’ new Akasha collection.  Since she launched her line in 2009, the lively presentation at London’s Lamb Gallery, surprisingly, marks the first time the designer has thrown a big bash for her work in her hometown.  The wait reflects Noor’s methodical approach.  The immersive experience of the party, that was part performance art, showed her fertile imagination.  Dancers spilled into the street and mise en scène’s surrounded the jewelry laid out with flowers in a long presentation case bathed in purple lights.

Akasha, the word Noor chose for the collection, has a couple of different meanings.  According to Wikipedia it can be defined as the ether, the sky or the essence of all things in the material world.  However the word is defined, it’s dreamy when it relates to Noor’s jewelry.  The designer’s main motifs for Akasha are different ancient symbols.  The Sri Yantra outline of nine interlocking triangles can be found on rings and pendants.  Some pieces are decorated with the Flower of Life pattern.  A couple of jewels are accented by the nine stones of the Navratna—Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye.  The Navartna Tribal gold hoops set with the stones are among the most striking pieces in the collection.

Each gem Noor uses represents something from the galaxy for example red garnet is for the sun and blue moonstone for the moon.  Many of the stones were cut specially for the collection.  Noor also experimented with new techniques like e-coating, a method of painting which uses electrical currents to deposit paint to her designs.

Several of the motifs and ideas showcased in the Askasha collection have inspired the jewelry designer throughout her career.  She has based collections on everything from organic forms like feathers to elements from the history of art, but is most inspired when she travels and discovers new cultures.  Many of her designs touch on the spirituality she finds all over the world from her visits to Jaipur, India to her annual treks to Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.  Noor beautifully documents snippets of her adventures on her Instagram account in photos and video stories.  All of it feeds into her jewelry soul and that fertile imagination that produced one of the most beautiful collections of the designer’s career not to mention one of the most memorable jewelry parties of the London season.

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