The Adventurine Posts Best of 2016: 8 Stories About Cartier New York

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the 69.42-carat diamond suspended from a Cartier necklace Photo Jack Garofalo/Getty Images

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Best of 2016: 8 Stories About Cartier New York

The series appeared in celebration of the September reopening of the Cartier Mansion

by Marion Fasel

In the final week of the year The Adventurine is taking a look back at some of our favorite moments of 2016.  This series about Cartier Mansion in New York was published in September during the festivities celebrating the reopening of the French jeweler’s American flagship in September. 


The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion, 2016 Photo © Cartier

Everything Old Is New Again at the Cartier Mansion

After a two-and-a-half year gut renovation, executed by lead designer Thierry Despont, the Cartier Mansion was reopened in September 2016. This story covers historical highlights of the building from the time it was erected in 1905 to the year it received landmark status in 1970 on up to the day it was reopened in 2016.  Read more…

Cartier Mansion: Reopening Event

Kacy Hill in a vintage diamond and platinum choker from the Cartier Heritage Collection Photo BFA

The Cartier Heritage Pieces That Appeared at the Mansion Party

A good party has all kinds of surprises. When Cartier threw its big bash to reopen the Fifth Avenue Mansion on September 7, 2016 there were several. The big jewelry surprise of the evening was to see several pieces from the Cartier Heritage Collection take a turn on celebrities at the event. There is a slideshow in this story of the celebrities and historic jewels they wore. All the background on the designs are also included. Read more…


Lois Chiles in ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1970) wearing the Cartier pearl and emerald sautoir on top of the film still

The Cartier Art Deco Jewelry in The Great Gatsby

Extraordinary Cartier art deco jewels were worn by Mia Farrow and Lois Chiles in the 1970 remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel The Great Gatsby. This story details the treasures the stars wore including the marquise shape diamond engagement ring that appeared on Farrow’s finger throughout the film. Read more…

The 40Th Anniversary Of Princess Grace Of Monaco. Bal des Scorpions donn? ? l'h?tel Hermitage de MONACO pour f?ter le 40?me anniversaire de la princesse GRACE : Elizabeth TAYLOR souriante portant autour du cou le diamant de 69,42 carats taill? en forme de poire achet? pour la somme d'un million de dollars par son mari Richard BURTON ? ses c?t?s. (Photo by Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the 69.42-carat diamond suspended from a Cartier necklace Photo Jack Garofalo/Getty Images

Why the Taylor Burton Diamond Is Also Known as the Cartier Diamond

There was a bidding war over the 69.42-carat pear-shape diamond in 1969 when it appeared at auction. Cartier won the piece then sold it to Richard Burton the very next day. So why was the gem known as the Cartier Diamond decades? This story reveals all. Read more…


Kylie Jenner‘s wrist-full of Love bracelets. Cartier Love bracelet designer Aldo Cipullo in the 70s. David Livingston/Getty (right) via Vogue Australia

The Cartier Love Bracelet Tops Google Searches

The Cartier Love Bracelet conceived by designer Aldo Cipullo at the Cartier-New York Mansion on Fifth Avenue in 1969, is so ubiquitous on street style stars, frequently flaunted by social media mavens and often seen on the ladies of the Kardashian clan, it might be hard to believe the design is almost 50-years old. Yet it’s true. This story covers the Love Bracelet from the launch and original meaning of the design to the cult classic it has become today. Read more…

Actress Grace Kelly in casual pose w. armful of roses standing on sidewalk (surrounded by fans and photographers) during shopping trip. (Photo by Lisa Larsen/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Grace Kelly poses for the press in front of her New York apartment building wearing her Cartier engagement ring Photo Lisa Larsen/Getty Images

How Alfred Hitchcock Fits Into the Story of Grace Kelly’s Cartier Engagement Ring

The great director Alfred Hitchcock was a huge fan of jewelry. He used it in so many of his films to turn the plot, Penny Proddow and I devoted an entire chapter to his work in our book Hollywood Jewels. When the master of suspense wasn’t working he enjoyed looking at jewelry. In fact, he was the man responsible for introducing Grace Kelly to Cartier. Read more…


Pierre Cartier at his desk in 1910 and the clock he presented Franklin D. Roosevelt in the midst of World War II Photo Cartier Archives © Cartier; Cartier Archives, Paris © Courtesy SquareMoose, New York Inc.

Pierre Cartier was a visionary deal broker in jewelry and diplomacy

Pierre Cartier was the mastermind behind the famous swap of a double strand of natural pearls for a mansion on Fifth Avenue that would become the French jeweler’s American flagship. Beyond his exceptional achievements in the jewelry world, Mr. Cartier functioned as a French diplomat in America. This story charts his extraordinary career that included working with several American presidents. Read more…


Mae Plant wearing the Cartier pearls, Morton Plant, Philadelphia baseball player, Brandford House, the Fifth Avenue Mansion, the new Elena

All About the Man Who Bartered His Mansion for Cartier PearlsMorton Plant’s amazing American story of love, baseball, sailing, philanthropy and more

Very little is known about Morton Plant today besides the fact that he swapped his Fifth Avenue Mansion with Pierre Cartier for a double strand of pearls for his wife Maisie. During his lifetime, he displayed dazzling business acumen and more than doubled his significant inheritance. Personally, Plant was known for grand gestures, high-spirited sportsmanship, astonishing luxuries and a deep sense of noblesse oblige. This story reveals all about the amazing Morton Plant. Read more…

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