The Adventurine Posts Fernando Jorge’s Sexy Stream Bracelet
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Fernando Jorge’s Sexy Stream Bracelet

by Marion Fasel

It’s not easy to make an important piece of diamond jewelry look sexy.  Glamorous, beautiful, elegant—absolutely.  Steamy—not so much.   Well, Fernando Jorge has managed to turn up the heat.  The red hot Brazilian designer transformed his sinuous signature Stream silhouette into a large open rose gold cuff that extends almost five inches up the arm.  A spring hinge on the back of the design allows for a body conscious curvaceous fit.  To add shine to the jewel, Fernando flowed a river of champagne diamonds through the curves.  The variety of diamond shapes—brilliant, pear, marquise, baguette, emerald and princess—create the illusion that the gems are moving or rather flowing through the bracelet.  It is a perfect mood piece for a great night on the town.