The Adventurine Posts 6 of the Hottest Jewelry Designers From Brazil

Top row: H. Stern bracelet, Kate Moss in Ara Vartanian, Ana Khouri bracelet Bottom row: Fernando Jorge's earrings, Silvia Furmanovich clutches, Burle Marx rings

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6 of the Hottest Jewelry Designers From Brazil

They bring heat to celebrity style around the world

by Marion Fasel

There is something about about being Brazilian that translates into seriously sexy summer jewelry. I am not talking about beach baubles like body chains but innovative fine jewelry that brings the heat to red carpets around the world.

One of the most talented Brazilian designers working today, Fernando Jorge explained the phenomenon, “We live surrounded by exuberant nature and have year round warm temperatures—it’s a body conscious and expressive society.  I think the aesthetic response to that is the free flowing sensual lines that have become a signature of Brazilian style.”

Following is a recap of the six of the best jewelry designers from Brazil that have been featured on The Adventurine.

Fernando Jorge

Gold becomes a liquid element in Fernando Jorge’s designs. In his iconic Stream bracelet, a river of diamonds flow through the curvaceous metal. Allison WilliamsEmmy Rossum and Olga Kurylenko are a few celebrities who have worn the wunderkind’s work. We know it won’t be long until his new Bloom collection grows a celebrity following. It might just be his best work to date. Read more…

Aug 18 Comp 2

Bromelia earrings from Fernando Jorge’s Bloom Collection Photo courtesy

Ana Khouri

Anatomy is always part of Ana Khouri’s jewelry design thought process. She was one of the first to popularize modern decorative hand jewels. Jenifer Lawrence put on her Diamond Stem Hand Bracelet several times during her press tour for the Hunger Games. Kerri Russell  wore the same jewel for a State Dinner at the White House. The showpiece in Ana’s new Simplicity collection is a gold bracelet that whips around the wrist like a lasso and shines like a rainbow with variously colored sapphires. Read more…

comp 1 830 x 430

Ana Khouri Mirian bracelet from the Simplicity Collection Photo courtesy

Ara Vartanian

From the moment Kate Moss saw Ara Vartanian’s jewelry she loved it. Ara specializes in one-of-a-kind statement jewels with a modern twist such as gems set upside down, extravagant double finger rings and enormous pendant earrings set with diamonds and big colorful stones. The super model not only became friends with the designer and started collecting his jewels, she also encouraged him to open a boutique in London. Read more…

Aug 19 Marion Comp 1

Ara Vartanian with Kate Moss who is wearing the designer’s earrings at left Photo Getty Images; Courtesy

Silivia Furmanovich

Styles that sound impossible on paper are the specialty of Silvia Furmanovich. She has created earrings and hairclips with real orchid leaves. Brazilian beauty Isabeli Fontana sported some at the beach over the summer. The designer’s new collection combines wood and gems in earrings, necklaces and evening bags that are like works of art. Read more…


Silvia Furmanovich’s Marquetry Collection Photo by Sally Davies

H. Stern

There is no bigger name in Brazilian jewelry than H. Stern. It is to Brazil what Tiffany is to America. The jewelry name of a nation. In celebration of its 70th anniversary H. Stern published a big book with Assouline showing all it’s amazing work from collabs with Diane von Furstenberg and director Tim Burton to all the celebrities who have worn the jewels over time.  Read more…


A spread in the H. Stern book showing Diane von Furstenberg’s designs

The Burle Marx Brothers

The free flowing lines found in Brazilian jewelry today have a history that dates back to the mid-twentieth century creations of the Burle Marx brothers. Roberto Burle Marx is the landscape architect who conceived the flowing black and white pebbles on the boardwalk of Copacobana beach. He also designed free form gems that were set in his brother Haroldo’s innovative gold jewelry. Years ago the pieces were beloved by stars including Natalie Wood. Vintage jewelry specialist at the Mahnaz Collection brought the brothers back into the spotlight with their presentation of the work. Read more…

bacelet 830 x 430

Bracelet by the Burle Marx brothers from the Mahnaz Collection

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