The Adventurine Posts The Sweetest Platinum Jewelry Ever!

Platinum and gemset earrings by Deirdre Featherstone Photo courtesy

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The Sweetest Platinum Jewelry Ever!

See the red-carpet styles set with candy colored gems

by Marion Fasel

“Platinum acts like footlights to a jewel,” explains designer Deirdre Featherstone. “It illuminates all the gems.” The way the metal makes diamonds shine bright is legendary. It’s one of the reasons platinum has long been used by the best designers. It’s also why diamond and platinum jewels appear at all the big red-carpet events in the world today. What has been less well-known is how magnificently platinum lights up candy colored gems. Things, however, are rapidly changing on that score. Platinum jewels set with gems in colors of the rainbow can be found in several new jewelry collections. Many of the magnificent designs have already made red carpet appearances where the stars show all kinds of stylish ways to wear the colorful platinum pieces. See our story created in partnership with

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