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Lady Gaga wearing her engagement ring at the London premiere of 'A Star Is Born.' Photo Getty

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Let’s Talk About Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

It is a sweet vintage design with a seriously big center stone

by Marion Fasel

She has been wearing the ring since late last year, but Lady Gaga only confirmed her engagement this week. On Monday, October 15, 2018 at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Celebration in Los Angeles during her emotional speech for the first time publicly she called Christian Carino, a talent agent she has been dating for well over a year, her fiancé.

The ring sparkling from the third finger of Gaga’s left hand has an oval shape pink center stone surrounded by a halo of nice sized round white diamonds. It could very well be a pink diamond. The size and the color of the gem would mean it’s a rare high-quality fancy pink diamond. As for the price? It would easily cost over $1-million. It could also be a pink sapphire. The expert opinions seem split on the subject. One thing is clear, the ring is in the spirit of a couple of famous royal sapphire engagement rings.

Detail shot of Lady Gaga's engagement ring at the Los Angeles premiere of 'A Star Is Born.' Photo Getty

Detail shot of Lady Gaga’s engagement ring at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘A Star Is Born.’ Photo Getty

The design is similar to the sapphire and diamond engagement ring Princess Diana received from Prince Charles in 1981. The jewel made by Garrard, now of course worn by Kate Middleton, is usually called a Marguerite design. It is loosely inspired by the look of a daisy. Beyond the choice of the center stone, Lady Gaga’s ring seems larger than the Diana jewel though it is hard to say for certain since she is so petite. The singer is famously just 5′ 2″. The design also has the same silhouette as Princess Eugenie’s rare Padparadscha sapphire engagement ring.

While the sweet style may seem in contrast to Lady Gaga’s normal edge, she has a pattern of being sentimental about symbols of her love life. When she was engaged to Taylor Kinney in February 2015, her engagement ring was a romantic heart shaped diamond by Lorraine Schwatz.

Lady Gaga wearing her engagement ring at the London premiere of A Star Is Born.' Photo Getty

Lady Gaga wearing her engagement ring at the London premiere of A Star Is Born.’ Photo Getty

Who made this jewel is anyone’s guess. The classic style does not feel like it came from Lorraine. She generally specializes in big stones in all the engagement rings she has made for celebrities including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. Gaga has been wearing jewels by an array of designers during the press events for A Star Is Born including Bulgari and Chopard. Either could have sourced the big stone. Yet, the style looks more like something Chopard would make than Bulgari. Then again, the couple could have found an independent jeweler to fashion the very special creation.

While it is unlikely Gaga is going to reveal who made her ring any time soon, considering how long it took for her to confirm that she was officially engaged, if she does I will certainly let you know. Whoever made it, the super talent looks blissfully happy and is on a creative roll that means she will most likely be walking down the Oscar red carpet before she makes her way down the aisle to marry Christian Carino.

Update: On February 19, 2019, Lady Gaga and Christian Carino called of their engagement.

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