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Engagement rings (clockwise from top left) by Spinelli Kilcollin, Nikos Koulis, Jemma Wynne, Anita Ko and Jessica McCormack Photo courtesy

Engagement Rings

The Best Engagement Rings Now

They are classics with a twist

by Marion Fasel

The best part about the classic three-stone engagement ring Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle was all the little details that made the design unique. Truly, those are the best part about any engagement ring. Jewelry designers today get that. Woman want something that has an eternal quality, but also has special elements. They want alternative choices but not a piece that, well, doesn’t look like an engagement ring. Following are some of the absolute best engagement rings of this bridal season. Each has a perfect balance of tradition and twenty-first century style.

Spinelli Kilcollin engagement rings

Photo courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Three multi-band solitaire engagement rings by Spinelli Kilcollin. The Artemis ring (at left) is a blend of yellow, rose and white gold and diamonds. The Petra (center) has black rhodium platinum white gold and diamonds. The Amor ring features yellow gold and over 6-carats of diamonds on the bands surrounding the solitaire.

Engagement Rings By Jemma Wynne

Photo courtesy of Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne’s signature open engagement design is a chic spin on the two stone “Moi and Toi” rings that date back to the the eighteenth century. In the past the gems touched each other. The open element on these gives them a subtly sexy look.

Engagement Rings by Eva Fehren

Photo courtesy of Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren’s stunning minimalist rings feature rose-cut and portrait diamonds. The unique center stones twinkle rather than flash light.

Engagement rings by Nikos Koulis

Courtesy of Nikos Koulis

The Oui collection by Nikos Koulis features riffs on traditional engagement ring styles. Bold black enamel elements add drama. He also uses a variety of gems for the center stones. A 8.05-carat oval ruby set shines at the center of the ring above. A oval shape yellow diamond sparkles in the design on the right that’s somewhat reminiscent of Meghan Markle’s ring.

Engagement Rings by Jessica McCormack

Photo courtesy of Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack’s diamond, blackened and yellow gold engagement rings pay homage to the button back style of the Georgian period. “The technique shapes and encases the back of the diamond in gold, which increases the refraction of the light, producing a magical depth to the stone,” explains McCormack. “The diamond sits low to the finger and close to the skin, and the smooth gold finish enclosing the diamond keeps the stone as sparkly as possible.”

Engagement rings by Jade Trau

Photo courtesy of Jade Trau

Jade Trau plays with the position of the solitaire diamond in her exquisite engagement rings. In her Astor Ring No. 2 (at left) the round brilliant hangs off the bottom of the diamond band. Her Free Bird Halo features a pear-shape diamond at an angle.

Engagement rings by Anita Ko

Photo courtesy of Anita Ko

Anita Ko is famous for her diamond ear cuffs and creative earrings, but she also makes engagement rings for her clients. The designers dazzling creation for Kate Upton put her name at the forefront of engagement ring news this fall. There are several pieces in her collection that make brilliant alternative engagement rings such as the Twist Diamond Ring (at left) and the Princess Eternity Ring (at right).

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