The H. Stern book. An 18K Noble Gold and diamond bracelet from H. Stern's Zephyr Collection.

Photo courtesy of Assouline

Diane von Furstenberg and the gold Sutra bracelet from the Diane von Furstenberg for H. Stern collection

Courtesy of Assouline

The Vermelha Chair by Fernando and Humberto Campana, 1993. A model wears jewelry from the Campana Brothers Collection for H. Stern.

Courtesy of Assouline

Broken pebbles scratched white with another stone. H. Stern's Golden Stone bracelet

Photo courtesy of Assouline

Diane Kruger photographed by Marie Claire Brazil (April, 2015) wearing the H. Stern Stars Collection.

Photo courtesy of Assouline

A woman's braided hair as inspiration for the Zephyr Collection. A bracelet in 18K Noble Gold and diamonds from H. Stern's Zephyr Collection

Courtesy of Assouine
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A Gigantic Book on Brazil’s Biggest Jeweler

H. Stern's collaborations and creative work are packed into the best seller

by Marion Fasel

There is no bigger name in Brazilian jewelry than H. Stern.  In The Adventurine’s celebration of Brazilian jewelry talent coinciding with the Olympic Games in Rio, it would be impossible to overlook H. Stern.  It is to Brazil what Tiffany is to America.  The jewelry name of the nation.

Despite the fact that it is a big jeweler with stores around the world, H. Stern’s creations capture the free-spirited, creative essence of the Brazil.  One of the best ways to see a range of the house’s work is in the amazing new book published by Assouline in celebration of the jeweler’s 70th anniversary.  The publication debuted in March 2016 and sold out rapidly.  It is in its second printing.

The H. Stern book highlights the history of the Brazilian jeweler beginning in 1945 when Hans Stern opened the company out of a small office in Rio de Janeiro where he fell in love with the nation’s colorful gemstones.  A rainbow of Brazilian gems characterized the jewelry and brought H. Stern to fame.  When Hans Stern’s son Roberto became the artistic director of H. Stern during the 1990s a new era of creativity ensued.  An amazing string of collaborations gave the big brand an edgy new image.  Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg conceived a sexy gold collection.  Director Tim Burton dreamed up an astonishing limited edition series inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Several of H. Stern’s collaborations have been done with some of the most inventive minds in Brazil.  The fluid line of celebrated architect Oscar Niemeyer was echoed in a collection of diamond jewelry.  Colorful gems and organic forms marked the collaboration with landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx.  The visionary furniture of designers Humberto and Fernando Campana—chairs made of string, wood and aluminum wire—were transformed into diamond and gold necklaces, earrings and rings by H. Stern.

The book also includes countless collections made in the H. Stern studio.  Jewelry that shows a depth and breadth of imagination.  Roberto Stern’s goal for H. Stern has been to “do something outstanding.”  This extraordinary tome proves he has done just that.