The Adventurine Posts Best of 2016: Jewels in the Bloodstream

A jumble of jewelry Photo by Marion Fasel

Jewelry History

Best of 2016: Jewels in the Bloodstream

In loving memory of Penny Proddow

by Marion Fasel

Years before the launch of The Adventurine, when I was just thinking about the content and categories for the site, I knew there had to be a place on it to publish this comedic essay I wrote with Penny Proddow titled, “Jewelry Gene, Jewels in the Blood Stream.” We penned it together ages ago as the introduction for a different kind of jewelry book. The subject matter was going to be a blend of contemporary culture and jewelry history, a lighthearted look at collectors and creators. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to write the book. Penny passed away from cancer in 2009.

When The Adventurine launched on May 31, 2016, I was thrilled to finally publish the piece in three parts. They are all listed again here below in loving memory of my dear friend who was the greatest jewelry historian and the funniest person I have ever known.


Part I

Jubilant Jewelry History

You know when you have it. A jewelry gene decorates the top of your DNA structure like a tiara. It manifests itself as a passion for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. You are quite simply dazzled by diamonds, awestruck by rubies, emeralds and sapphires. You can’t help but stop and shop for jewelry in boutiques when a little sparkle catches your eye. Read more…


Margot Robbie wearing a Van Cleef & Arpels Zip necklace at the 2015 Academy Awards. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Part II

The Fashion Connection

A passion for fashion brings your love of jewelry alive every morning and some very special nights. In fact, it is part of jewelry genetics that you love clothes as a great backdrop for jewelry. You have a special place in your heart and your closet for a top with a bracelet sleeve and a dress with a jewel necklace.  You appreciate ensembles in any one of the three magical jewel tones—ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green. You have a little black dress or two because it is a perfect palette for jewelry.  Undoubtedly that is why Chanel invented it, so she could wear all those fabulous pearls. Without the jewels the LBD would be a bit of a bore. Read more…


Shipping heiress Nancy Cunard posed in her bangles for Man Ray in 1926. Photo © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Part III

In Praise of Witty Women with Advanced Jewelry Genetics

The Award Season is clearly every jewelry lover’s favorite time of year. Something however is usually missing from the red carpet—jewelry humor. For that you look to women whose jewelry gene has kicked into overdrive, overpowered common sense, and basically run wild. Elizabeth Taylor once put on her diamonds with a gingham dress. Her plucky response to critics of the fashion faux pas, “Them that has ‘em, wears ‘em.” Read more…