The Adventurine Posts Sotheby’s Sale of Bulgari’s Iconic Designs
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Sotheby’s Sale of Bulgari’s Iconic Designs

See video of our Editorial Director, Marion Fasel, talking about the Italian jeweler

by Marion Fasel

Several years ago, I had the privilege of diving deep into the history of iconic Bulgari collections for a series of books published by Assouline. In celebration of the divine online sale “The Bold Standard: Jewels by Bulgari and Marina B.,” Sotheby’s invited me to contribute some thoughts in a video review of Serpenti and Monete as well as the La Dolce Vita days in Rome when the collections were launched.

See it below and take a look at the collection at Sotheby’s here. Biding for the sale is open until Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

The Bold and Beautiful Designs of Bulgari in the 60s at Sotheby’s

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