The Adventurine Posts First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s Earrings

As Joe Biden takes the oath to become president of the United States, Jill Biden holds the Biden family bible and wears earrings by Monique Péan and a "Mama" necklace. Photo Getty

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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s Earrings

She wore independent BIPOC jewelry designers during inaugural events

by Marion Fasel

January 22, 2021—The First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden is an accomplished educator and a woman of ideas. I heard on NPR she was the one who thought young Amanda Gorman should be the Inaugural poet.

Biden also clearly has distinct ideas about the jewelry designers she wears. For the inaugural events she chose earrings from three independent labels with BIPOC designers. Admittedly the jewels weren’t that easy to see behind her hair but there are a few shots where you can get a good look.

It’s worth noting in a search for images I realized something I hadn’t noticed previously, Dr. Biden is a jewelry lover. She always has on a cool piece or two. Sometimes they are personal in scale. Underneath the sheer segment of her the dress she wore during the swearing in ceremony, you can see the first lady is wearing an on-trend pendant necklace that says, “Mama.”  Other times her jewels are larger statement pieces. Dr. Biden’s enthusiasm for accessories is good news for the American jewelry industry.

President Joe Biden with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden who is wearing repurposed diamond earrings by Monique Péan. Photo Getty

At the Inauguration ceremony, Dr. Biden paired her blue tweed coat dress and mask by the three-year-old American label Markarian with octagonal diamond studs by Monique Péan.

The Black jewelry designer has been a pioneer in sustainability since she established her New York based jewelry studio in 2006. The diamonds in Dr. Biden’s earrings are repurposed and the platinum is recycled.

Monique Péan earrings worn by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the Inauguration. Photo courtesy

“It is a true honor, and extremely uplifting during these deeply challenging times, to see First Lady Dr. Jill Biden in my earrings on this historic hopeful day as we inaugurate Joe Biden into the Presidency,” explained Monique.

US First Lady Jill Biden and daughter Ashley both wore earrings from Ruchi New York fro the inaugural evening concert. Photo Getty

For the evening inaugural concert, Dr. Biden echoed the pattern of flowers from every US state and territory embroidered on her custom ivory silk wool dress by Gabriella Hearst with floral earrings by the Ruchi New York label, launched by Ruchi Kotahwala in 2018.

There are 9.08-carats of sapphires and 1.56 carats of diamonds in the white gold designs named the Desert Blooms Mariposa earrings.

The Desert Blooms Mariposa Earrings by Ruchi New York the First Lady Dr. Jill Biden worn to the inaugural concert. Photo courtesy

Ruchi describes herself as a dreamer and entrepreneur. She began designing at age 16 and soon after received a degree from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.

President Joe Biden with Dr. Jill Biden who is wearing pearl Safety Pin earrings by Mizuki. Photo Getty

On January 19, the day the Bidens left Delaware for Washington, D.C.  and attended the COVID-19 Memorial Service, Dr. Biden wore a purple coat and mask by the Mexican-American designer Jonathan Cohen with pearl Safety Pin earrings by Mizuki.

Among all the jewels, Dr. Biden wore the pearl earrings are the most accessible price-wise. The pair she had on retails for $580. Another style of the Safety Pin earrings with smaller pearls is available for $370.

The Mizuki pearl Safety Pin earrings worn by Dr. Jill Biden. Photo courtesy

A native of Tokyo, Mizuki Goltz launched her business in New York way back in 1996. Today she lives and works in California. The designer’s minimalist pieces carry the spirit of eastern culture, refinement and tranquility that is part of her Japanese heritage.

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