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Shop the Hottest Jewelry Trends for The Holidays

Make the jewelry lover on your list happy with these divine designs

by Kareem Rashed

There may still be pumpkins and cobwebs out on the street but, judging by the trailers for Christmas movies and pine-scented candles that have begun popping up, the countdown to the holidays is on. Apparently there are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so retailers are kicking off the shopping bonanza earlier than ever. Though the pressure to start checking off your list while there are still leaves on the trees is a little unnerving, who wouldn’t welcome an early dose of holiday cheer? To help you get a head start on gifting (or wish-listing), we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite trends to give and receive this holiday season.


This retro style, favored by fashion plates from Jackie Kennedy to Princess Di, is back in a big way. After reaching peak saturation of “ear parties”, where every inch of cartilage was festooned with dainty studs and ear cuffs, clean-lined button earrings make an appealingly minimal palate cleanser. Sleek and sculptural, they add instant oomph to any outfit.

Photo courtesy

RETROUVAI 14k gold and turquoise inlay earrings, $5,610

David Webb Button earrings

Photo courtesy

DAVID WEBB 18k gold, enamel, diamond, and platinum earrings, $26,500

Sarah Hendler

Photo courtesy

SARAH HENDLER 18k gold and diamond earrings, $8,925

Photo courtesy

MELANIE GEORGACOPOULOS 18k gold and multicolored mother-of-pearl marquetry, $5,215

Simon Teakle Buccellati

Photo courtesy

BUCCELLATI vintage 18k gold engraved earrings from Simon Teakle, $5,500


Hearts, a uniquely polarizing motif in jewelry, have been dismissed as twee by some cynics. Recently, though, designers have reconsidered the shape and the results are totally saccharine-free. The latest generation of heart jewels trade cutesy for cool, whether oversized in earrings or abstracted in a charm. Ideal for gifting, these pieces offer a welcome — and endlessly wearable — token of positivity.

Irene Neuwirth

Photo courtesy

IRENE NEUWIRTH one-of-a-kind watermelon tourmaline, diamond, and 18k gold necklace, $13,640

Brent Neale

Photo courtesy

BRENT NEALE textured 18k gold and multicolored gemstone earrings, $3,400

Noor Fares

Photo courtesy

NOOR FARES diamond, pink opal, and 18k grey gold pinky ring, $3,540

Photo courtesy

JESSICA MCCORMACK ruby and 18k gold ring, $3,900

Photo courtesy

BEA BONGIASCA topaz, enamel, and 9k gold charm, $1,100


Symbolic animals have been a jewelry staple since antiquity but they’re experiencing a particular revival thanks to our current appetite for all things talismanic and spiritual (and, well, animal memes). Whether you go the traditional route, choosing an animal for the traits it historically represents (i.e. butterflies for transformation and hope, deers for strength), or opt for something closer to home (some, like Larkspur & Hawk, will even create a jewel in your own furry friend’s likeness), finely rendered fauna are guaranteed to incite awwws.

Larkspur & Hawk

Photo courtesy

LARKSPUR & HAWK custom animal ring in tourmaline, diamond, and 18k gold, from $6,000

Photo courtesy

ARMAN SARKISYAN diamond, 22k gold and silver deer locket, $16,960

DANIELA VILLEGAS yellow sapphire and 18k gold crab ring, $2,400

James Banks

Photo courtesy

JAMES BANKS multicolored gold and diamond butterfly necklace, $7,000

Photo courtesy

LOREN NICOLE 22k gold and diamond scarab earrings, $4,900


An essential component of the current layered necklace look is a personalized pendant, and what’s more personal than one’s own initials? It’s an effortless, everyday kind of jewel, which makes it perfectly suited to gift giving. There’s an array of lust-worthy letters available now, in the form of chunky cigar band and signet rings as well as classic pendants.

Photo courtesy

ANDREA FOHRMAN custom 2-intial pendant in diamonds, enamel, and 18k rose gold, $8,800

Photo courtesy

ALISON LOU diamond, enamel, and 14k gold ring, $3,200

Photo courtesy

FINN diamond and 18k gold pendant, $1,750

Photo courtesy

JENNIFER FISHER diamond and 14k rose gold pinky ring, $5,795

MARLA AARON — sterling silver and 14k gold letter lock, $1,200

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