The Adventurine Posts Best of 2016: The Hot Jewelry Trends

Chanel Comete Spirale diamond ear cuff and Entrelacs d’Etoiles ring; Ana Khouri Simplicity Earring Photo Dominique Issermann; courtesy

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Best of 2016: The Hot Jewelry Trends

There were lots of fresh silhouettes on the ear

by Marion Fasel

Multiple ear piercings have been popular for a while. I chart the rev-up of the look to around 2014. That is the year I first noticed designers breaking up pairs and selling earrings as singles so people could by one at the time to decorate their lobes.   Well, in 2016 the concept of ear décor went to crazy new heights. There were all kinds of luxurious ways to bejewel every part of an ear. The silver lining for those with a fear of commitment and needles, not all of them require piercings. Following are several of the hottest styles that appeared on The Adventurine.


Chanel Comete Spirale diamond ear cuff and Entrelacs d’Etoiles ring. Photo Dominique Issermann

Chanel’s Comet Flies Into Diamond Ear Cuffs

Diamond stars have been part of Chanel’s fine jewelry collection since Coco herself launched it in 1932. Now the ever imaginative house has reconfigured the comets into edgy silhouettes for a new generation in a collection called Les Icônes de Chanel. A diamond ear cuff named Comete Spirale that swirls around the lobe is one of the coolest new styles.  Read more…


Pamela Love wearing Irene Neuwirth single earrings among her own designs. Photo pamelalove/Instagram

Irene Neuwirth’s Unique Spin on Single Earrings

Irene Neuwirth’s gorgeous stick earrings infuse an air of art deco elegance into an earful of ear cuffs, climbers and studs. Each of Irene’s earrings is one-of-a-kind featuring a range of colorful gems.  Read more…


Ana Khouri Pearl Mirian Earrings Photo courtesy

Ana Khouri’s Earrings Wrap Around the Lobe

Simplicity may be the name of Brazilian jewelry designer Ana Khouri’s new collection but the designs show complex thought and ingenuity. The Diamond Ear Piece that doesn’t have a post but is designed to wrap around the lower ear lobe shatters the traditional hoop concept and brings the form into the twenty-first century.  Read more…


Fernando Jorge Arara white gold and purple rhodium plated earrings set with Australian boulder opals and African tanzanites Photo courtesy

Fernando Jorge’s Bloom Collection Include Up The Ear Styles

The glorious earrings in Fernando Jorge’s Bloom Collection don’t just accent they ear, they cover it in large colorful gems.  Read more….

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