The Adventurine Posts Finn Jewelry For Texas Victims of Harvey

Finn's Texas Charm collection is being sold to benefit victims of Harvey Photo IStock and Finn

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Finn Jewelry For Texas Victims of Harvey

A Texas charm for the cause from Houston native Candice Pool Neistat

by Marion Fasel

My grandmother lived in Houston. I visited her often during the course of my youth. She was the one who introduced me to fashion at the Galleria’s fancy shops. The skating rink in the center of the luxury mall held magic for me as child. When I began studying art history, I enjoyed going to The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and in particular the Rothko Chapel. I have tried to find out if these destinations weathered the storm and they seem to be okay.

All of my family has moved outside the city now, but my cousin still does work there training fire fighters. When Harvey hit, he joined right in to help and has been working on Technical Rescues all week. Obviously, we are all very proud of him and I am sure he has stories to tell, but he hasn’t had a moment to do much more than text to say he is okay.

Right after hearing her family’s harrowing experience with Harvey, Finn’s Creative Director, Candice Pool Neistat, who grew up in Houston, hustled down there from her home in New York City. “My father, chest deep in water, had to break a skylight and climb to the roof of the house with two dogs in order to flag down someone to rescue him,” explains Candice. “My parents lost their home.”

In addition to being there for her own family, Candice is supporting the area by donating 100% of the profits from pieces in her Texas Charm collection to two causes—the American Red Cross and JJ Watt’s Fundraising Campaign.  The pieces range in price from $25 for a sterling silver Texas Charm bracelet to $480 for an 18K gold Texas Charm necklace.

“Being from Houston is something really special,” says Candice. “I’m so proud to be connected to it—and to all of Texas.  And, in a bigger way, part of this Gulf Coast brotherhood. I wanted people to have a token of their donation. A little charm to always feel close to our great State.”

Finn Texas Charm 18K gold bracelet, $330 Photo courtesy

Finn Texas Charm 18K gold bracelet, $330 Photo courtesy

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