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Photo courtesy of Garude

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Parisian Jeweler Garaude Makes Great Waves

by Marion Fasel

The drama of the Great Wave by the Japanese artist Hokusai astonished the western world when they got a glimpse of the nineteenth century woodblock print.  It influenced the trajectory of impressionist art.  Claude Monet had a copy of the artwork.  It also impacted the look of art nouveau jewelry.  Hokusai’s style can be seen all over the enamel plaques in René Lalique’s work.  Around 1910, famed French jeweler Boucheron recreated the curls of the waves in a diamond tiara.  The drama of the artwork has been revived again in these earrings by the Parisian jeweler Garaude.  Rendered in diamonds and light-as-air-titanium, a technological feat considering how difficult it is to work the material, they present an entirely new way of catching the Great Wave.


A print of the Great Wave by Japanese artist Hokusai