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Sea Urchin Rings by Suzanne Felsen Photo by Sally Davies

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Suzanne Felsen’s Tribute to the Sea

by Marion Fasel

A close look at a great piece of jewelry can reveal all kinds of dazzling and even surprising details.  The little gold sea urchins on Suzanne Felsen’s emerald and ruby slice rings are not only impressive miniature sculptures, they also bring to light a bit of the designer’s biography.

“I’ve always loved nature but nothing ever seemed right to incorporate into my work, which is usually streamlined and geometric, until I thought of the sea urchins I enjoyed seeing during my childhood at Zuma Beach in Malibu,” explains Suzanne.  “I would spot them on walks in the tide pools.  As a design element sea urchins are amazing because they are abstract, unusual and symbolic.  The mythical looking creatures can sense when a storm is coming.  They are believed to imbue the balancing qualities of strength and tenderness because they have the prickly looking exteriors and are soft on the underside.”

Ever since Suzanne created her first sea urchins for men’s cufflinks several years ago, she has consistently used them in various designs. Sweet sea urchin stud earrings have become a staple in her collection.  These rings put the sea urchins in an ocean-like setting with the mottled background of the sliced gems and the sparkling reflection of the diamonds against the gold echoing the visual of sun against the water .

The Sea Urchin rings are available on

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