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Ancient Greek Sandals x Ilias LALAoUNIS

Your toes will twinkle all summer with these charmers

by Marion Fasel

“There isn’t any proof of bejeweled shoes in Ancient Greece,” says Christina Martini, co-founder and designer of Ancient Greek Sandals.  “Nevertheless, in our imagination it is almost sure that the goddesses, nymphs and muses were actually wearing bejeweled sandals.”  With this enchanting vision in mind the cult shoe company teamed up with the legendary Greek jeweler LALAoUNIS for a special summer collection.  Known for its extraordinary gold and silver creations, LALAoUNIS worked over some of its classic motifs in bronze for six different styles of footwear.

propilaia 400x400 snakes white top view HIGHDesigner Maria LaLaounis, one of founder Ilias LaLaounis’ four daughters, explained, “For the sandals we drew on the same things that inspire many of our collections, ancient Greek art and snake motifs which were believed to have magic powers and healing qualities in myths.” kimolos 400x400 powder sunbeam top view HIGH (1)While the materials were different than what LALAoUNIS usually uses, Maria says the approach to the craftsmanship was the same.  “Great attention was given to design, workmanship and to the final finish on the motifs to make them feel as one with the leather and the sandal rather than just as added pieces of metal,” says Maria.  “We strove for subtlety and elegance to complement Christina’s beautiful sandal designs.”

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