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At the 2022 premiere of 'White Noise,' director Noah Baumbach posed with Greta Gerwig who is wearing her Catherine Angiel engagement ring. Photo Getty

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Who Made Greta Gerwig’s Engagement Ring?

The 'Barbie' director just got married, but has been wearing the jewel for years

by Marion Fasel

December 27, 2023—After 12 years together and two children, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach finally tied the knot on December 19. The filmmakers, who have collaborated on several productions including co-writing the Barbie script, seemed to have had plans to get married since 2019.

What makes me think that was the year they started talking about their own marriage story? Greta has been wearing a diamond engagement ring on the third finger of her left hand since 2019. More on the jewel in a moment.

Detail of Greta Gerwig’s hands showing her grey diamond engagement ring among other jewels at the 2022 premiere of Noah Baumbach’s White Noise. Photo Getty

On their wedding day, Greta and Noah headed to Manhattan’s City Hall and made their union official. With the three Oscar nominations between them for their screen writing talents: Lady Bird (her) and The Squid and The Whale and Marriage Story (him), New York magazine quipped “We bet their vows would be Oscar-nominated if the Academy got a chance to vote on that.”

Following the ceremony, the duo went to Madison Square Garden to see Billy Joel in his monthly concert at the venue. The pictures of the evening show Noah, who is 54, in a blue suit and Greta, who turned 40 in August, wearing a white suit jacket and pleated skirt. Quite a bit more formally dressed than most concert goers, the couple didn’t seem to care. They looked overjoyed to be there celebrating their wedding day.

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig watched Billy Joel perform at Madison Square Garden on their wedding day. Photo Getty Images

Since Greta and Noah live in Greenwich Village, which is located between City Hall and the Garden, they could have done a quick drive by their apartment to change before the concert but they didn’t. Perhaps they enjoyed a romantic dinner between the two events. Whatever the case may be, it was a delightfully normie low-key way for the couple who was responsible for the words and vision of the biggest film of the year to formalize their union.

As for the diamond engagement ring, Greta debuted it on the red carpet in 2019. It was front and center when the director-writer-actress posed with her first son on January 2020 cover of Vogue in a photo by Annie Leibovitz for a profile celebrating the release of her film Little Women and reviewing her impressive career that includes a Best Director Oscar nomination for the semi-autobiographical Lady Bird starring Saoirse Ronan.

Greta Gerwing holding her son and wearing her Catherine Angiel diamond engagement among other jewels on the January 2020 cover of Vogue photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

In the story the ring isn’t reviewed, but the designer Catherine Angiel did explain some details of the jewel on her website. She said it’s a “rare grey diamond ring” and includes a picture of a similar style. According to the description the colors of the grey diamonds “change at every angle with tones of grey and champagne.”

The diamond, which appears to be an emerald cut, is mounted upside down in what is known as an inverted setting. It shows the pointed pavilion on the bottom of the gem as opposed to the flat table on the top.

The diamond Greta wears looks like it could be a bit larger than the 3-carat ring on Catherine’s website, but the sleek setting is the same. The metal on Greta’s ring appears to be rose gold, but it could be yellow.

Catherine Angiel rose gold grey diamond ring similar in style to Greta Gerwig’s engagement ring. Photo via

In the Vogue story writer Chloe Malle details how Greta and Noah’s day-to-day life in New York at the time revolved around their Greenwich Village neighborhood so they could be close to home for their child and work projects. Greta explains the shirt she is wearing comes from Otte on Greenwich Avenue. Chloe and Greta eat lunch at Café Cluny which is a couple blocks from the clothing store.

Clearly at some point the same year Greta and Noah walked down Greenwich Avenue a little further to find their engagement ring at Catherine Angiel’s jewelry boutique.

I suspect they became engaged around the same time their first child was born in 2019. It’s quite possible they decided to finally make it official this year when they had a moment after the Barbie launch and the birth of their second child. Whatever the case may be the ring, chosen four years ago, has the same charm and individuality as the way they spent their wedding day and the way they live their creative lives.

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