The Adventurine Posts 5 of the Most Stylish Jewels at Vanity Fair

Zoe Saladana wore a gold and diamond Cartier cape to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Photo Getty


5 of the Most Stylish Jewels at Vanity Fair

Stars showed their edge and elegance at the annual Oscar party

by Marion Fasel

March 14, 2023—There are so many stars in so much jewelry at Vanity Fair covering it in total would be the equivalent of the Met gala. It’s absolutely massive. Unlike the Met gala, however, there is no theme to the party so looks run the gamut from understated elegance to absolutely over the top insanity.

Honestly, in years past I have looked at the pictures and thought nothing advanced the jewelry conversation or felt new enough for coverage. But this year there were stylish moments that deserved a little attention. I whittled it down to five.

What I like about these looks is the ideas and surprises in terms of the styling. See what I mean below.

Photo Getty

Zoe Saldana blew my mind in this Cartier Libre collection cape. The jeweled one-of-a-kind-piece is composed of textured gold chainmail. Onyx and diamond pendants accent the gold zippers running down the front which function to refine the fit. From beginning to end, the cape took two years to produce.  

Photo Cartier

“What I was drawn to most is the craftsmanship of this piece and how it plays with volume and dimensions,” explains Zoe Saldana. “It’s a wearable piece of art.”

Photo Getty

A woman’s style changes when she cuts her hair and Hailey Bieber proves it. The model is really working her bob with a diamond Phillipa Ear Piece by Ana Khouri.

A signature silhouette from the jewelry super talent who is based in New York City, a giant pear-shape diamond is suspended from the side. The jewel infuses the look with a luxurious contemporary spirit on a par with (make that succeeding) Hailey’s dramatic Saint Laurent gown.

Photo Getty

Naomi Campbell has always been an other-worldly beauty, but lately she seems like even more of a glamazon. Perhaps it’s just the comparison we saw a lot of in Paris when she walked the runways with the young models and as Vogue stated “reminded everyone what ‘supermodel’ means.”

Whatever the case may be, she continued to shock and awe at Vanity Fair in a pierced Schiaparelli white gown and not one, but two vintage gold necklaces from Briony Raymond Estate—an establishment that took the Oscars by storm.  

Photo Getty

I realize something with men’s jewelry at this point, there is so much of it I can no longer cover it as a novelty. I have put on the same critical apparatus I use for women’s jewelry.

Well, Donald Glover won my prize for cool. It’s not that the Tiffany silver chains he sported are groundbreaking though they do support the idea that white metals are on the rise. The way he wore them just struck me as stylish with his cutout suit. They were neither too much nor too little. They were just right.

Photo Getty

I covered these Fred Leighton necklaces Roony Mara wore to the ceremony in the Oscar jewelry roundup, but I thought they deserved a second look.

Why? Well, I am still stunned that the actress who never wears jewelry made such a statement. What does it mean?

It’s also a better picture than any from the other red carpet. She looks happy. And I like the way she put on a red vintage Alexander McQueen over the vintage dress from the designer she wore at the ceremony. It was her only point of difference between the show and the after parties and it felt very easy breezy which is what I think we are seeking in style at the moment. Oh and it also synced with the vintage vibe that is back in a big way.

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