The Adventurine Posts Usher’s Super Bowl Rings Are By Jacquie Aiche

During the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Usher wore a custom pinky ring by Jacquie Aiche. Photo Getty


Usher’s Super Bowl Rings Are By Jacquie Aiche

The Halftime performer commissioned the custom pieces

by Marion Fasel

February 11, 2024—Usher revealed who was responsible for creating his special jewels during a pre-game Super Bowl interview with CBS Mornings. When he showed off a ginormous gold and diamond championship-style ring, Gayle King stopped the interview from proceeding to review the design. The top flips open and on the inside are tributes to both the Chiefs and the 49ers.

As Gayle oohed and aahed over the jewel, Usher said, “Jacquie Aiche, my jeweler, she made this.”  

The piece is so luxurious, mere mortals might think, it was the only design Big Ush commissioned to celebrate his Halftime Performance. But he collaborated with Jacquie on another ring for the show as well as the giant U pendant necklace he wore during the performance.

When I paid a visit to Jacquie’s Beverly Hills studio this week, she let me look at the ring Usher just performed in.

One side of Usher’s custom gold, diamond and pearl Super Bowl ring by Jacquie Aiche. Photo Marion Fasel

The giant gold ring is set with a pearl in a diamond studded bezel. Underneath the row of diamonds is the performer’s full name, “Usher Raymond IV.” A diamond accents both ends of his name and “Super Bowl LVIII.”

One side of the ring says 2024 Half Time with a football. The other features a motif for the Vince Lomabardi trophy with a marquise shape diamond on top where the football would be. The number LVIII on top of the word Super Bowl.

One side of Usher’s custom gold, diamond and pearl Super Bowl ring by Jacquie Aiche. Photo Marion Fasel

While Jacquie Aiche is famous for the body chains and sexy diamond and bold jewels worn by an infinite list of celebrities including Rihanna, Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber. She has also made jewels for Usher for over 10 years.

Recently she created pieces for both of Usher’s Las Vegas residencies as well as his wildly popular stint in Paris. In the new Skims ad campaign featuring Usher, all the jewels in the spreads were from Jacquie. The King of R & B was one of the reasons Jacquie launched a men’s jewelry line.

“He likes things to be outside of the box and he likes to personalize pieces,” explains Jacquie. “Each piece has a meaning to him.” She goes on to add “Usher is charismatic, filled with bubbles. He is like an alchemist and a healer. That’s why I honor him and love making jewelry for him.”

See Usher’s second Super Bowl ring by Jacquie Aiche in the video above at around 11 minutes and 28 seconds.

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