The Adventurine Posts ‘The Downton Abbey’ Movie Trailer: Tiaras Ahoy!

Detail from one of the 'Downton Abbey' movie posters Photo Courtesy

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‘The Downton Abbey’ Movie Trailer: Tiaras Ahoy!

Our Special Correspondent says the movie will have everything we want

by Kimberley Carlson

A collective gasp rose up from all corners of society with the release of a glossy full-length trailer for the new Downton Abbey movie. Behold the glory!

Not just a rich feast for your jewelry-loving soul, the Downton Abbey movie, that hits theatres September 20, appears to bring back the entire above and below stairs cast and levels up the major drama factor by throwing the whole place in turmoil with a pending ROYAL VISIT by King George V and Queen Mary (the grandparents of current monarch Queen Elizabeth II). For its leagues of enthusiastic fans, this means: downstairs staff feuding with the palace staff bullies! Carson called back from retirement! A new flirtation for the long-widowed Branson! Plus a gay love interest for Barrow!

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Talbot in a 'Downton Abbey' movie poster. Photo courtesy

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Talbot in a ‘Downton Abbey’ movie poster. Photo courtesy

The movie jumps ahead eighteen months to 1927 and not just the time period has changed. As hinted in the oblique teaser trailer and the glamorous decidedly non-PBS-looking posters, the jump from television to film has brought a meaningful budget upgrade. This is welcome news for us jewelry movie lovers. We are promised many opulent scenes of silver being polished, sparkling necklaces lovingly draped, gorgeous earrings swinging beneath fashionably bobbed hair and Maggie Smith triumphing in a tiara!

Count us in for every second.

Downton Abbey Official Trailer

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