The Adventurine Posts 250 Years of Earrings on Display for the Holidays

Earrings featured in A La Vielle Russie's holiday exhibit Ear Candy: 250 years of Style Photo courtesy

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250 Years of Earrings on Display for the Holidays

The Ear Candy exhibit at A La Vieille Russie is a gift for jewelry lovers

by Marion Fasel

And just like that, the holidays are here. Of course, this year is going to be different and you are probably going to be scheduling lots of Zooms to catch up with your family rather than traveling over the river and through the woods to see them.

There is one great way to find a silver lining to this scenario of physical separation, the money you are saving on travel could be funneled towards a new pair of earrings to light up your on-screen look. Or you could give a pair to the ones you love so they can do the same.

The legendary vintage jewelry emporium A La Vieille Russie (ALVR), where the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Maria Félix have shopped for treasure, has made the search for a special pair of earrings easier with their delightful holiday exhibition Ear Candy: 250 Years of Style.

There are 40 pairs of earrings in the show covering the centuries. The span of time means there are a variety of looks in a wide range of prices.

Victorian Imperial Topaz and Diamond Earrings from the A La Vieille Russie exhibit Ear Candy. Photo courtesy

One of the most dazzling pairs are Victorian diamond earrings with bow-motifs topping diamond and pear-shape Imperial Topaz pendants. The jewels are English and were made around 1870. They measure approximately 4-inches long.

Victorian gold earrings with an acorn motif and woven sections of human hair are available for $2,300. It is believed they were given to a mother with her child’s hair because the acorn motif recalls the proverb, “Great oaks from little acorns grow.” As the video from ALVR below explains, hair jewelry was a memento exchanged between lovers, friends and family.

ALVR on Victorian Hair Earrings

There are a few pairs of earrings in the exhibition that are transformable. One divine pair of Georgian Garnet and Gold Pendant Earrings made around 1780, can be taken apart and worn as single gem pendant earrings. So, you are getting two pairs of earrings in one for $2,400.

ALVR on Transformable Earrings

During the 1930s, the clip-on mechanism for earrings was invented that made it possible for designers to create large sculptural statement studs of which there are many in the exhibition. Find out about the look in the video below from ALVR.

ALVR on Clip On Earrings

The Ear Candy: 250 Years of Style will be on display at A La Vieille Russie until December 23. You can view the exhibition online where there are more videos. Contact ALVR to make an appointment a see the exhibition in person. Or, if you prefer, make an appointment to Zoom and have them show you what the earrings look like live onscreen.

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