The Adventurine Posts Ben Gave Jen Green and Pink Diamond Earrings

Outside the Louvre in Paris, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez who is wearing her new green and pink diamond earrings. Photo Getty


Ben Gave Jen Green and Pink Diamond Earrings

The birthday gift coordinates with JLo’s engagement ring

by Marion Fasel

July 28, 2022—While Mr. and Mrs. Affleck honeymoon in Paris, they are not only providing romantics with a happy ending, they’re also creating a guide of classic and luxurious places to visit and eat in the City of Lights.

The Louvre and a boat ride down the Seine—the sightseeing has been classic. And so has the places they dine including Loulou, Café Marly and the Girafe restaurant. They are staying at the Hôtel de Crillon where fans line up morning, noon and night to see them come and go. JLo’s clothes for the trip are like a chic What to Pack on Your Honeymoon Guide. While the sky-high platforms, may not exactly be practical for anyone except the superstar, her sexy and sweet Reformation dresses are less than $300.

It’s been fun watching all of it, but what really captured my attention was an Instagram story from Habitually Chic who has been documenting it all with joy, insight and humor.

According to Heather Clawson who pens the Habitually Chic website and Instagram—and is the opposite of a tabloid gossip—Ben gave Jen yet another extraordinary jewel for her birthday in his history of extraordinary jewelry gifts. To recap: The Oscar winner made jewelry history way back in 2002 when he gave Jennifer Lopez a pink diamond engagement ring. He proved he still knew what was happening in jewelry last summer when he gave JLo an array of Foundrae gold designs for her birthday. And then, of course, Ben gave Jen the green diamond engagement ring.

Jennifer Lopez wearing her new green and pink diamond earrings. Photo Getty

Well, according to Habitually Chic, Ben was quite extravagant for the birthday-wedding present he gave Jen in Paris. It is a pair of substantially-sized green diamond studs surrounded by a pink diamond border from Beverly Hills Diamonds.

From the photos, the earrings look exactly like the earrings pinned to the top of the jeweler’s Instagram. The credit seems sound considering, Ilan Portugali Diamantaire from the firm sourced the gems in Jen’s green diamond engagement ring.

Screen grab from @habituallychic with a detail image from Beverly Hills Diamonds green and pink diamond earrings that appear to be the earrings JLo is wearing. Photo via Instagram story Highlights @habituallychic

Lots of press reports covering Jen’s late-night birthday dinner at Girafe restaurant described how Ben appeared “emotional” at times. If he was feeling the love to the point of welling up, the romantic jewelry scribe in me likes to think he was pointing out the link between the pink and green diamonds in the earrings and the two engagement rings he has given Jen over the course of 20 years.

I can’t blame the man for being emotional. Their love story has a lot of people welling up at their storybook ending.


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