The Adventurine Posts Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Crash Trial Jewels

Gwyneth Paltrow wore her Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token among other jewels during one of her days at trial. Photo Getty


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Crash Trial Jewels

The treasures lit up her quiet luxury court attire that went viral

by Marion Fasel

March 31, 2023—After eight days of testimony in what The New York Times dubbed the Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial and turned into a special section with multiple contributors, the actress and Goop founder was found innocent of crashing into a retired optometrist on the slopes of a ski resort in Park City, Utah.

Along the way there was wall-to-wall coverage of Gwyneth’s parade of pitch perfect low-key luxury outfits. The loosely fit gray suit, the crème cardigan and khaki pants, the black midi-skirt and sweater. It was exactly the kind of stealth wealth style seen on the runways in New York, Milan and Paris come to real life.

I don’t think Gwyneth has looked as stylish since the 90s. It’s was a slightly different mode than the items she often wears to the Goop office or the mid-drift baring numbers she generally sports at events in Los Angeles. Not to mention the confident seemingly makeup free posts all over the Oscar winner’s Instagram.

In contrast, her court style was a few notches more polished. It included a rich autumnal palette, light makeup (that looked professionally done) and a little bounce in her hair. On certain days she also wore layers of gold jewelry.

Gwyneth Paltrow strolling into court in her green coat, Celine boots, grey suit and Foundrae necklace among other jewels. Photo Getty

Was Gwyneth professionally styled for court? She may have had a bit of strategic help, but if she did it was a very light touch. A scan of her Instagram shows a few things like her green winter coat came from her closet. Her gold jewels have all been seen previously.

A fascinating part about the coverage of her clothes was that no one from Vogue to the New York Times seemed to be able to identify the sources for most of the attire. Sure, there was Goop G Label here and there. The boots were IDed as Celine and Prada. But for the most part the experts didn’t know what she was wearing. That never happens with ye old internet around to help.

Most fashion prognosticators didn’t know what the jewelry was either. Her treasures were described variously as “chunky gold jewelry” and even “commendable jewelry.”

It inspired me to chime in here. Gwyneth’s key jewel was a totally recognizable design from Foundrae she has been wearing for years. She also wore one of Foundrae’s new gold statement chokers.

Find out more about the designs in my jewelry investigation below.

The Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token on an Oversized Mixed Clip Chain in the style Gwyneth Paltrow owns. Photo courtesy

Gwyneth’s most recognizable piece of jewelry during the trial was her Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token on an Oversized Mixed Clip Chain. The custom component of the design allows people to add initials on the heart. In close-up images it appears that Gwyneth has an A for her daughter Apple and an M for her son Moses going across the design.

She also has a Foundrae diamond Initial pendant on the piece for the letter B which clearly represents her husband, Brad Falchuk.

Gwyneth Paltrow wore her Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token, possibly an Oura ring and other jewels during one of her days at trial.

Gwyneth has been wearing the jewel since at least 2019 and is one of legions of celebrities who are fans of the collection.

The longer chain and pendant which can be seen more clearly on her Instagram are a bit of a mystery. I believe they are somewhat recent additions to Gwyneth’s collection. They don’t totally appear coordinated. In other words, she may have added the pendant to the chain. Whatever they are, she wears them well.

On her right hand holding the bottle of water, the fitness guru appears to be wearing an Oura ring. They sell the device on Goop and there is a rave review. Of course, Gwyneth makes the technological tracker chic by layering it with another gold band that I assume is just decorative as opposed to charting activity scores.

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a chunky gold choker among other jewels in court. Photo Getty

Gwyneth loves a chunky gold choker, but the one she wore in Park City, Utah was the biggest she has ever worn.

At first, I thought it was her Robinson Pelham Identity Short Gold and Diamond necklace, but it’s got more scale to it. Then I thought it might be the Tiffany HardWear Link Necklace she has worn a few times but it is even larger than that jewel.

When I saw Foundrae designer Beth Hutches at a preview for her new collection wearing her 18K Yellow Gold Strong Hearts Chain Necklace, I realize it was what Gwyneth had on.

The Foundrae 18K Gold Strong Hearts Chain Necklace in the style Gwyneth Paltrow owns. Photo courtesy

As for the rest of the jewelry on her left hand there appears to be her chain link bracelet with a medallion, another unidentified piece in her rotation.

She also has on a pinky ring with what looks like an Ionic column in the center. She wears it all the time and I have zero information. The actress is naturally wearing her slender gold wedding ring and slender diamond ring from goodness knows who. You can see all the rings pretty clearly in this video on Instagram.

Considering how many jewels Gwyneth has in her collection—obviously much more than what she wore in court—takes me back to my early days as a jewelry editor at InStyle magazine during the 1990s. There were very few designers on the scene. Each one I felt I had discovered, Gwyneth had already been there first. I kid you not. She has been a stealth jewelry fan for decades. And long before she founded Goop, she had the editorial instincts she employs on the website finding the rare item no one else seems to have. It’s a fact she proved in court.

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