The Adventurine Posts What Is Angelina Jolie Wearing on Her Chin?

Angelina Jolie wearing a lip to chin cuff by Nina Berenato and vintage gold earrings from Beladora at The Eternals premiere. Photo Getty


What Is Angelina Jolie Wearing on Her Chin?

It’s a jewel of sorts and fits right in with the star’s red-carpet style

by Marion Fasel

October 19, 2021—As soon as I saw the pictures of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet for the premiere of The Eternals, my first question (and probably yours) was what is she wearing on her chin?

Well, questions like this make you grateful for the old internet.

The Austin Texas-based designer of the piece, Nina Berenato, has the details of the ornament front and center on her website.

She says the following about the Angelina Lip to Chin cuff which retails for $50 and is a special order.

This is an iteration of the face mask I did for the Beyonce Spirit video that Angelina Jolie just wore to the premiere of her new Marvel movie ‘Eternals’. This lip & chin cuff is one of a kind. It is created in a general shape, but once you receive it, you are able to customize it by pressing it gently against your own face so it fits perfectly. The material is super unique because this 14k goldfill will never tarnish & it is strong enough not to move, but soft enough that you can customize it to your face. It secures inside the mouth behind the lip and up against the underside of your chin.

Angelina Jolie wearing a lip to chin cuff by Nina Berenato and jewels from Beladora at The Eternals premiere.

While this jewel might seem like a pretty wild accessory for Angelina to be wearing on the carpet, and it kind of is, it isn’t totally out of character.

The last time the star was on the red carpet circuit for Maleficent she wore a custom made corset by master goldsmith Sabine Roemer. It has the same vibe as the chin piece. I would love to know the star and her stylist Jason Bolden’s thinking about these unique items but that part of this jewelry puzzle remains a mystery for the moment.

The rest of the jewels Angelina wore for The Eternals premiere came from Beladora in Los Angeles. They include vintage Tiffany gold hoops, a Beladora Domed Cuff Bracelet, a Beladora Curb Link Bracelet and a LaLalounis ring.   

The star’s strapless gown is by Balmain.

Considering The Eternals is a big Marvel movie, I suspect we will be seeing more of Ms. Jolie and her iconoclastic red-carpet style soon. And I am here for it.

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