The Adventurine Posts Jennifer Lopez Hilariously Hawks Hoops on SNL

Jennifer Lopez and Melissa Villaseñor sell hoops in a skit on SNL Photo via YouTube

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Jennifer Lopez Hilariously Hawks Hoops on SNL

The actress does a send up of her favorite earring style in a skit

by Marion Fasel

Hoops have become wildly popular in Hollywood for the last couple of years. Everyone from Meryl Streep to Cardi B. has been wearing them on the red carpet. But they have always been Jennifer Lopez’s favorite type of earrings. She wears them constantly to the exclusion of almost every other earring style.

When J. Lo hosted SNL on December 7, 2019, she did a hilarious send up of the look. In the skit she is selling hoops as “Gino’s girlfriend” with her “cousin” played by Melissa Villaseñor. It’s an advertisement for their shop “Hoops” where the earrings are “made of 100% metal” and will turn your ears “the color of money.” Watch them explain how “hoops go with everything.”

Hoops – SNL

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