The Adventurine Posts Chanel’s Cool New Camellia Jewels

A between the finger ring and pendant from Chanel's new Camélia collection worn by a model. Photo Chanel

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Chanel’s Cool New Camellia Jewels

High Jewelry and a gold collection inspired by the designer’s favorite flower

by Marion Fasel

No fashion house works their signature motifs as imaginatively or consistently as Chanel. Coco’s spirit is kept alive and well by the use of her favorite things in new creations. There are always quilted bags, tweeds and little black dresses. Other motifs like Lions, representing Chanel’s astrological sign Leo, prowl through the collections every once in a while. Coromandel screens decorating the designer’s legendary apartment near The Ritz, inspired Chanel’s high jewelry collection that debuted last July for the Fall 2018 Couture season.

The Rouge Incandescent diamond and ruby transformable High Jewelry necklace by Chanel

The Rouge Incandescent diamond and ruby transformable High Jewelry necklace from Chanel’s 1.5 collection

Next week to coincide with the Spring 2019 Couture season in Paris, Chanel is introducing High Jewelry inspired by a slightly more traditional jewelry motif, a flower. Of course, it’s not just any flower. It’s a Camellia, the designer’s favorite flower. Coco Chanel like the simplicity of the bloom that had no fragrance or thorns. She also enjoyed the flowers shape and stark white color that stood out against her famous little black dresses.

Chanel’s 1.5 collection includes 50 pieces of High Jewelry of which 23 are transformable and can be taken apart and worn in a variety of ways. Mademoiselle Chanel liked her jewelry to be convertible, because she said then it “is no longer an immutable object. Life transforms it and bends it to its needs.” The palette of gems for the 1.5 includes diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies, rose gold and pink quartz.

Rose Tendre earrings from Chanel's 1.5 High Jewelry collection Photo Chanel

Rose Tendre pink quartz, pearl, diamond and gold transformable earrings from Chanel’s 1.5 High Jewelry collection Photo Chanel

The High Jewelry has a companion collection of sorts in a fun gold jewelry collection focusing on the broadleaved evergreen—and it is available right now on The flower looks sensational in the gold silhouettes that make a big statement without being over-the-top. A couple of the most stylish jewels are between the finger and an ear cuff that wraps around the upper lobe. There are also small solid accent flowers that can be worn singly or in a layered bouquet.

Chanel Camelia jewelry collection. Photo Chanel

Chanel Camélia jewelry collection. Photo Chanel

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