The Adventurine Posts Designs for the Mexican Earthquake Victims

Sara Beltrán carrying one of her tote bags and Daniela Villegas wearing a handful of her rings Photo Sara Beltrán and Daniela Villegas/Instagram

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Designs for the Mexican Earthquake Victims

Accessories by Sara Beltrán and Daniela Villegas to help the cause

by Marion Fasel

The vibrancy of Mexico can be felt in unique ways in the work of Sara Beltrán and Daniela Villegas. Both designers are passionate about their home country.

“I feel inspired by the colors, the food, the biodiversity, the solidarity and generosity of the Mexican people,” explains Daniela Villegas who is from Mexico City but now lives in Los Angeles.

New York City based, Sara Beltrán, who was raised in Juarez, Mexico says, “My line has a very strong reflection of the way we live in Mexico. It is all inspired by the ocean and mixed with Art Deco and its related design trends. I also work with a community of woman who weave my Mexican bracelets in Chiapas. Ultimately my biggest passion lies in Tulum. It is one of my favorite places in the world.”

Both designers are raising money in sales of their work to aid the victims of the September 19 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City.  See the details below.

Daniela Villegas

Jewelry by Daniela Villegas

Daniela Villegas is donating 100% of the proceeds of the sales of her jewelry at Just One Eye through September 24, 2017 to aid Mexican earthquake victims.  “It was an immediate reaction to support my country and hometown of Mexico City,” explains the designer. “I believe in the thought that ‘We are all one’ and I feel very grateful that Just One Eye partnered up with me on this very special project.”

Visit Just One Eye at 7000 Romaine Street in Los Angeles, California or online at to shop Daniela’s collection. Prices for the jewels start at $2,300.

Pouches by Sara Beltrán featuring the designer's photos

Pouches by Sara Beltrán featuring the designer’s pictures

Sara Beltrán is donating 30% of all web sales of her bags, pouches and totes to Project Paz. My country of Mexico was hurt and it is very sad for my family and I to see this happening to the people there. Yet, it is beautiful to see how much love we have been receiving from people from other countries, as well as friends of friends.”

Visit Dezso by to shop her bags, pouches and totes.  Prices start at $52.

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