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Federica Rettore jewels and the Duomo in Milan during lockdown. Photo courtesy

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Diary from Italy: Federica Rettore

The Milan based jewelry talent tells us what it’s like in the city now

by Guest Contributor

My birthday happens to be on March 11. March 11, 2020 is a birthday I will never forget.

In February, after the COVID-19 started and spread in China, we have been told that the Coronavirus was to be considered as a normal flu, maybe a bit more aggressive.  It’s not at all like we were told. From March 10, our world changed completely. It all began with the lockdown of areas around Milano followed by the lockdown of all Italy.

During this quarantine mode my family and I are collaborating on reinventing our small personal world throughout the respect of each other’s space as well as shared space, finding ways to create day after day happy moments together by collaborating in cooking, cleaning, playing cards (I really don’t like cards) and watching joyful movies.

The only way to go out of our small bubble is to go to the grocery store to replenish food for us and our parents. The less people are around the less chance we have to get the virus.

The tree of life in Federica Rettore’s apartment in Milan with pictures of her family. Photo courtesy

Right now, I feel like I’m living with my dear ones in a very thin and fragile clear glass bubble, grateful that we are all doing well right now, and mostly grateful my parents are doing fine after they got the flu.

I’m, anxiously, waiting to break the glass bubble in a thousand pieces and celebrate the end of all this craziness.

I want to have a positive mindset and would like to concentrate on all the positive things. I’m learning from this tragedy where the world we know will be changed forever.

I’m learning the magic of silence; the importance of my personal space; that by respecting the rules for my well-being, like a flow in a wider image, we respect all human beings.

I’m learning that we are not only part of a family, a city, a region, a state, we are all part of the world, and there are no boundaries.

Mostly nature is teaching us that Nature is stronger, spring has sprung no matter what, and meanwhile we are waiting for our spring to come.

View of the streets and a canal in Milan during lockdown from Federica Rettore’s apartment window. Photo courtesy

Right now my jewelry collection is in standby mode; what I’m focusing on as a need of creative expression is to be creative on the walls of my apartment, I need bigger spaces.

I’m not sure how my collections will change, I feel the need right now to concentrate on the fully recycling materials I will intend to use; now by nature inspired items I intend in a way that is not only figuratively but ecological and sustainable, and mostly important I need to express my attraction and need of spirituality and It’s symbolisms. I feel the need of jewelry not as an adornment only, but something that gives me an emotion and reminds me of what I learn is significant for me.

I have one conviction: After the storm we will see the rainbow that we will all express in a fully Joyful creative way.

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