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Gal Gadot wearing the Schlumberger Fleurage bracelet in Tiffany’s new Blue Book campaign. Photo courtesy

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Gal Gadot Models Tiffany’s Blue Book Jewels

One Schlumberger bracelet designed in 1956 makes its debut in the collection

by Marion Fasel

April 22, 2022—High Jewelry is the terminology used in America for the best of the best. It’s awkward but a lot of jewelry terms are. One reason is because they are usually translated from the French. In this case High Jewelry is Haute Joaillerie. Sounds better, right?

Anyway, Tiffany has kind of skirted around the issue for 180 years by showing its spectacular creations in a format called the Blue Book. Yes, the Blue is as in Tiffany Blue.

Blue Book designs are like the couture creations of Tiffany’s inventory. They are innovative, employ master craftsmanship and are set with exceptional gemstones. The stones, are the heartbeat of what makes High Jewelry important.

Gal Gadot in the Tiffany Blue Book campaign wearing Schlumberger Apollo ear clips composed of gold and diamonds set in platinum and a Bird on a Rock brooch set with a 113-carat morganite. Photo courtesy

Tiffany’s 2022 Blue Book is named BOTANICA and debuts publicly today in a grand way with a campaign featuring Gal Gadot, after intimate festivities held earlier this week in Miami, which was thematically appropriate to the collection.

Gadot’s minimalist styling, makeup and wet look hair, capture the playful and sophisticated side of the treasures. “She [Gal Gadot] epitomizes the effortless glamour, sheer sophistication and sense of modernity that Blue Book represents,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication, Tiffany & Co.

Find out more about the pieces she is wearing in the descriptions below.

Gal Gadot wearing the Schlumberger Fleurage bracelet in Tiffany’s new Blue Book campaign. Photo courtesy

When French designer Jean Schlumberger began his career at Tiffany in 1956, one of the first things he did was imagine how he would mount the Tiffany Diamond. His “Wardrobe of Settings” was published in the November 15, 1956 issue of Vogue along with a photo of the unmounted 128.54-carat stone by Irving Penn.

The story said, “Jean Schlumberger, the brilliant young jewelry designer for Tiffany’s, studied it with fascination for months; finally had the idea of designing a ‘wardrobe’ of three settings in which the great canary diamond might be worn interchangeably.” The ribbon brooch on the left became part of a necklace with the Tiffany Diamond worn by Audrey Hepburn in publicity stills for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I don’t believe the example on the right was ever manufactured. The bracelet at the bottom of the page was never made, until now.

Gal Gadot is wearing is the same Schlumberger design featured on the bottom of the page.

The November 15, 1956 cover of Vogue and story from the issue on Jean Schlumberger’s “Wardrobe of Settings” for the Tiffany Diamond. Photo copyright Condé Nast

The 48-carat aquamarine at the center of the jewel sits in the place where the Tiffany Diamond would have been.

According to Tiffany, “While the breathtaking aqua blue color of this gemstone is what initially caught Tiffany gemologist’s eye, it was ultimately selected for its incredible presence that showcases similar characteristics to the Tiffany Diamond; both are remarkably sized cushion-cut gems featuring a smaller table, extraordinary depth, and spectacular color.”

Flowers hold the aquamarine in place as opposed to traditional prongs. The idea perfectly captures the way Schlumberger approached jewelry. “I try to make everything look as if it were growing, uneven, at random, organic, in motion,” Schlumberger once explained.

Gal Gadot wearing the Dandelion platinum and diamond necklace from Tiffany’s 2022 Blue Book. Photo courtesy

The Dandelion necklace elevates the reputation of the humble weed as it has never been elevated before. The convertible jewel can be worn five different ways.

Remove the pendant and you have a luxurious baguette cut diamond choker. There is also a long chain necklace in the suite.

Two pendants are part of the piece. The Dandelion pendant centers on a 12-carat round brilliant cut diamond. The second pendant features a large aquamarine weighing over 31-carats.

Gal Gadot wearing a diamond, gold and platinum flower brooch from Tiffany’s 2022 Blue Book and diamond earrings.

The oversized flower brooch has an organic quality from the multiple textures in the materials. Engraving highlights the gold, like veins in a flower’s petals. Rose-cut diamonds edge the sides.

At the center of the jewel, among other diamonds, is a 3-carat pear shape that adds another point of interest in the eye-catching jewel and attention-grabbing collection.

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