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Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer posing in her new boutique. Photo courtesy

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Jennifer Meyer Opens Her First Boutique

The inviting space is in the new Palisades Village

by Marion Fasel

You know what the problem is with a lot of jewelry boutiques? They are intimidating places to browse. Jennifer Meyer knows this and knew how to work around the issue. She made her first retail establishment as inviting as a candy store. The 500-square foot shop which just opened over the weekend at the new Palisades Village in Southern California has been a labor of love for the designer. I tracked down Jennifer, who was still literally watching the store, to find out all about it.

The Jennifer Meyer boutique in Palisades Village. Photo courtesy

The Jennifer Meyer boutique in Palisades Village. Photo courtesy

Why did you think the time was right to finally open your first store?

Honestly, I didn’t know the time was right. I have always gone on instinct. When this offer came to me from Rick Caruso about the Palisades Village, I thought it was going to be incredible. It has great stores, restaurants, a movie theater. The activities are from A to Z and the location was perfect between Malibu and Brentwood. It just all felt right. 

I loved all you Instagram posts in the space while it was being constructed. What inspired you to go in and see the construction process so regularly?

I really compare it to being pregnant. You go to your doctor and check in. I was very passionate about it. Everything I worked for was invested in this 500-square foot place. It is like my little jewel box.

Jennifer Meyer on-site during the construction of her first boutique. Photo via @JenMeyerJewelry/Instagram

Jennifer Meyer on-site during the construction of her first boutique. Photo via @JenMeyerJewelry/Instagram

I love the pink interior. Can you tell me about your vision for the design?

I didn’t want it to feel too precious. I didn’t want people to be nervous to go in there. I wanted people to feel welcome and comfortable. I worked with KMZ, great decorators from New York. The walls are pink plaster gorgeous. I can’t even describe it. The floors are light wood. There are soft gold pieces highlighting the blush tones. The furniture is comfortable.

What is your favorite part of the design?

I love it all. I am so happy in there. I have this gorgeous corner space, amazing windows and the light pours in. My favorite part of the space is a feeling.

A selection of Jennifer Meyer's vast collection of stud earrings Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry/Instagram

A selection of Jennifer Meyer’s vast collection of stud earrings Photo via @jenmeyerjewelry/Instagram

Are you going to have pieces that are exclusive to the store?

Eventually there will be. For now, its just a home for all the jewelry. There are hundreds of pieces in there. I love having a space to show the breadth of the collection, all the  tennis bracelets and necklaces and the classic pieces and the studs.  We now have from the bling-y to the accessible and I love that.

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