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Founder and Editorial Director of The Adventurine, Marion Fasel, and her beloved dog Hunter. Photo Andrew Werner

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The Adventurine is 5

It’s been a wild ride

by Marion Fasel

June 2, 2021—Five years ago, I climbed on my Vespa with Hunter to pose for a fun photo in celebration of the launch of The Adventurine. I went back to the same spot with Hunter to recreate the image for the 5th Anniversary of The Adventurine with lensman Andrew Werner. In this day and age of visual language, I wanted to illustrate that it has been a wild and wonderful ride.

Over the past five years, I have written over 700 stories covering jewelry from all kinds of angles. The pace is really something else considering over the course of 20-years at InStyle I wrote around 400 stories for the print publication. Somehow, I have adjusted to the speed of online and learned to really love being part of the jewelry news as it happens.

My talented team of contributors have added more stories to The Adventurine. And I am so grateful for their unique voices, especially M.J. Rose, Kareem Rashed, Smitha Sadanandan and Levi Higgs.

Over the past five years, the Adventurine has broken news, been quoted as a source in all kinds of established publications from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal and Vogue. We have gotten involved in nitty-gritty details of jewelry history and reveled in glamorous red carpet coverage. 

Beautiful Creatures exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History. Photo by Andrew Werner

For the last three years—over half the lifespan of The Adventurine—I have also been moonlighting—and sometimes very much working full-time—as a curator at the American Museum of Natural History on the exhibition Beautiful Creatures: Jewelry Inspired By The Animal Kingdom.

In ten days, the exhibit opens to the public. A twist of fate and a global pandemic brought The Adventurine’s 5th anniversary and the opening of the exhibition together.

With the extended rollout of previews and press events for the Creatures on my calendar, I won’t be producing any classic anniversary types of stories featuring 5 top posts or things with 5 or anything of that nature. But I wanted to acknowledge the anniversary.

I could say the time went by in a flash, and it did, but what has really been top of mind for me more than anything else is how I can’t imagine life without The Adventurine. And I wanted to thank you all for engaging with the content and, well, you know…coming along for the ride.

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