The Adventurine Posts The Imaginative Earrings Shown at Couture

Earrings presented at the Couture Jewelry Show from Silvia Furmanovich, Fernando Jorge, Nikos Koulis and Irene Neuwirth Photo courtesy

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The Imaginative Earrings Shown at Couture

The best among the brightest

by Marion Fasel

We are in the midst of an earring renaissance.  Any number of hot trends in the ear department are going on simultaneously. Studs and ear cuffs punctuate lobes. Single long pendant earrings are made to be worn mismatched in multiple piercings. Shoulder dusters have comeback. A major antique earring revival is underway.

Now, some of the most imaginative new designs spotted at the Couture Show came in the form of statement earrings. And these jewels are saying something beautiful and unique.

Several of the creations seen here, from some the best designers presenting at the celebrated jewelry show in Las Vegas, are one-of-a-kind.  A couple have fresh silhouettes and manufacturing ideas. Others pay homage to the past while simultaneously displaying new new ideas.

Nikos Koulis earrings Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Earrings designer Nikos Koulis’ Lingerie Collection feature Tahitian silver pearls, diamonds, rubies and emeralds in silhouettes that reflect his passion for American art deco jewelry.

Earrings by Irene Neuwirth Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

American sensation, Irene Neuwirth’s colorful one-of-kind gem-set earrings put the designers painterly skill on full display with colorful semiprecious stones. The 18K rose gold earrings above on the left have pearls, 9.31-carats of aquamarine and just over 50-carats of pink tourmalines. The 18K yellow and white gold earrings are set with pink opals, chrysoprase, 9.14-carats of emerald and just over 2-carats of diamonds.

Earrings by Silvia Furmanovich Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Brazilian super talent, Silvia Furmanovich added eye catching red pieces to her celebrated Marquetry Collection. The panel shapes, Asian and bird themes of the earrings were dazzling additions to the innovative work.

Earrings by Fernando Jorge Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Brazilian wunderkind, Fernando Jorge debuted his work at Couture just a few short years ago in Stephen Webster’s Rock Vault, a presentation of emerging designers. For the 2017 show the designer’s new earrings from his Brilliant collection of gold and diamond jewels won the competition for best diamond designs over $20,000. The earrings seen in the composition at top feature delicate snake chain that gives them great flexibility. The round Disco Earrings directly above at left are an architectural wonder with diamonds on bars that subtly move.

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