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Ice Spice, Taylor Swift and designer Ashley Avignone with Blake Lively who wore Tiffany jewels at the Super Bowl. Photo Getty


Blake Lively Shows How To Do Mob Wife Style

The actress piled on pieces from Tiffany with a track suit at the Super Bowl

by Marion Fasel

February 12, 2024—I was a little skeptical about the Mob Wife style sweeping through Tik Tok and other social media spaces, because it seemed like quite the swing from the Quiet Luxury movement that took over the same social platforms less than a year ago. I was skeptical until Blake Lively turned up at the Super Bowl showing how Mob Wife style is done right.

The always stylish and bejeweled actress was, of course, at the event to support her friend Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs. Her Balenciaga x Adidas oversized red tracksuit fit the team colors, but there were more layers to the look.

While some have said it reminds them of Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls, the red Adidas track suit was also a signature of the mob. Ray Liotta wore one as Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film Goodfellas. A tracksuit, albeit one from Fila, was also a key part of Tony Sopranos wardrobe in the HBO series.

Taylor Swift celebrating a Super Bowl Highlight with Blake Lively who is wearing Tiffany jewels. Photo Getty

Blake’s look became mob wife with the styling, as my trend forecasting colleague Amanda Gizzi pointed out to me this morning. The hair was big curls in a mob wife way.

But Blake really took the look over-the-top with a ton of Tiffany jewelry.

The actress who is famous for working without a stylist, layered three Tiffany HardWear gold necklaces: a Graduated Link Necklace, a Graduated Pavé Diamond Link necklace, and a Bold Graduated Link Necklace.

Taylor Swift in the Super Bowl suite with Blake Lively who wore Tiffany jewels. Photo Getty

Blake wore Tiffany diamond studs. She also had on several pieces from Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti collection. The designer’s snake earrings which some thought was a Reputation (Taylor’s Version) reference and there is no reason why not.

Blake tossed on Peretti’s Doughnut Bangles in Silver and Gold. She also had on a Peretti Swirl Cuff in Gold.

Blake worked in at least three of Tiffany’s Lock Bangles and at least four Tiffany T Bracelets to her stacks. I am saying “at least” because what I see on Blake looks like even more than what’s listed in the Tiffany press release.

And if this were all not enough, Blake also had a Tiffany Knot double row bracelet in the mix.

During the National Anthem, Taylor Swift sang along with Blake Lively who wore Tiffany jewelry. Photo Getty

Blake added a bit of Mob Wife dialogue to her normally refined comedian persona when all could read her lips clearly swearing during a particularly tense moment of the game.

At the end of it all, Ryan Reynolds who is not giving Mob Husband just yet showed up on Instagram asking “Has everyone seen the Deadpool trailer?” which showed during the Super Bowl. “And” he added. “Has anyone seen my wife?”

She was impossible to miss in Mob Wife, BFF, super football fan mode which truly added to the fun of the game.  

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