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Daniel Craig with Ana De Armas who is wearing Chopard diamond jewelry in 'No Time To Die.' Photo Nicola Dove /Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

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Jewelry Is Part of the Action in No Time To Die

Ana de Armas sports glam Chopard diamonds in the new James Bond movie

by Marion Fasel

October 9, 2021—It may come as somewhat of a surprise, diamonds have not been as much a part of the James Bond universe as martinis, Aston Martins, cool gadgets and sexy innuendos. Considering Bond always appears in a tuxedo at a formal event in the movies, you would think the women who have joined him would have been outfitted in great fine jewelry, but that hasn’t been the case.

One big missed opportunity was the 1971 Sean Connery Bond Diamonds Are Forever. The movie about gem smuggling features zero jewelry masterworks. The closest thing to jewelry action is the “Diamonds Are Forever” anthem on the soundtrack.

The London based jeweler David Morris did his part in trying to up the jewelry quotient in Bond films by supplying a few pieces to Teri Hatcher in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Denise Richards in The World Is Not Enough (1999). But they were not quite enough to satisfy this jewelry lover.

Ana de Armas wearing Chopard diamond jewelry during an action scene in ‘No Time To Die’

One of the most important jewels in the Daniel Craig Bond narrative, the Algerian Love Knot worn by Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale (2006), could have been a little more important in terms of the materials. Instead of precious gems, they went with a crafty silver and gold piece by Sophie Harley. I get how it works in the plot, it’s just not as luxurious as, say, Bond’s signature Omega watch.  

Arguably the best jewels ever to appear in a Bond film are featured in No Time To Die, which was released in the United States yesterday. The Chopard diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet are worn by Ana de Armas who portrays Paloma, a badass Cuban agent with a fierce sense of style.

Ana de Armas wearing Chopard diamond jewelry in ‘No Time To Die.’

The mega jewelry moment takes place during a formal island party with a sexy vibe. Naturally, it’s a mission for 007 and Paloma.

For the dangerous operation, de Armas wears a Chopard necklace set with pear-shape diamonds weighing 43-carats. She also sports a stunning fringe bracelet with pear-shape and brilliant cut diamonds weighing a total of 82-carats that drape down her hand. The look is finished off with earrings set with 14-carats of pear shape diamonds.

Her black satin Michael Lo Sordo dress has an open back and a deep v in the front. It’s pretty astonishing to see how de Armas wields two guns and rolls around on the ground in the sexy formalwear with absolute ease. She doesn’t look nervous for one moment about having a wardrobe malfunction and the gown doesn’t look like it is double stick taped in place but clearly it must have been.

As for the jewels, de Armas is equally nonchalant and unconcerned about them as she knocks off some serious bad guys. It’s pretty amazing style action with major jewelry. It’s also long overdue.

Ana de Armas talks about her Chopard diamond jewels in No Time To Die

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